American Athletic Conference Championship Game Preview

Memphis travels to Orlando for the 3rd time this season even though it’s only the second time they play.  The first time was September 8th when Hurricane Irma forced UCF to cancel the game.  The second time was September 30th and resulted in a 40-13 victory for the Knights.

Since then, Memphis has averaged 53.7 points per game and UCF has averaged 49 during the same time. This rematch should definitely be a shootout even though the last one was only 53 combined points. Amidst this game is, of course, the rumors of Scott Frost leaving for Nebraska. While the opposing head coach Mike Norvell is also receiving requests. Both coaches could be on their way out to “Power 5” Schools.

Now to the game. UCF will be looking to get a win to seal a New Years Day Bowl Game.  They will need to avoid the distractions of their coach leaving and face up against a tough Memphis team. Things will need to play out similarly to how they did the first time. UCF was able to create pressure on Ferguson and were able to shut the Memphis offense for the most part.  With the exception of a last-second TD, the game was over long before the 4th quarter began.

For Memphis, they will need to play a lot better than they did last time. It starts with Riley Ferguson. He needs to step up for his team and lead them to a victory. To be fair, Memphis and Ferguson have improved since they last played UCF so it will be interesting to see how “Coach” game plans for that.

It would seem that maybe after another win against Memphis, the CFP will show some respect. But I wouldn’t count on it because this isn’t a playoff, it’s an invitational beauty pageant. It’s like the playoffs are an HS dance and UCF is the straight A student who does everything right but isn’t pretty enough, therefore, doesn’t get invited to the dance by anyone.

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