ACC Championship Game: Miami vs. Clemson Preview

As the calendar shifts to the last month of 2017, it means that its heating up in College Football. We are at the point where the individual conferences are having their championship games. One of the games on the docket will see two top ten teams clash in the ACC Championship Game. We will have the #1 Clemson Tigers playing the #7 Miami Hurricanes. While these two are in the ACC, this will be the first time in 2017 that they are facing.

Clemson Tigers will win

You are not the #1 team in the country for no reason. They have simply dominated opponents over the last few weeks. While they did have one lose to Syracuse, they have been one of the top teams in the country. It seems that several college teams rely a lot on the offense. The Clemson Tigers are not like most teams. While the offense has produced, they were not needed in many of the Tigers wins. If I were the Tigers coaching staff, I would stick to what got you hear.

I see the defense containing the Hurricanes offense and causing problems. However, the Tigers can not overlook the Hurricanes. We have seen too many cases on both the collegiate and professional level where this has happened. If I had to put one key for the tigers, it would be to play the mindset of one game. We are at the point where if they lose, there is next week.

Miami Hurricanes will win

If the Hurricanes didn’t lose to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, then this may have been a different game. However, they can’t have that mindset. You are essentially going into Clemson’s backyard. If I were Miami I would quiet the fans out quickly. It seems since their lose to Pittsburgh a few weeks ago may have been a blessing in disguise. Since that lose, the Hurricanes have averaged 34.25 points per game.


Unless the Hurricanes are able to silence the Tigers crowd, this will be a win for the Clemson Tigers. I am a firm believer that a team does well if they have momentum. The Tigers are on a five game winning streak that has seen them average close to 40 points a game. I expect this too be a hard hitter with a lot of offense.

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