WWE: Will Matt Hardy be broken soon

2017 has been an interesting ride for the Hardy Boyz. When 2017 began, they were the toast of TNA Wrestling. Then they ended up leaving TNA after contract talks feel apart. We would then see the legendary tag team on the Indepdent scene. We would then see them have a short run in Ring of Honor as they won the ROH Tag titles from the Young Bucks. They would end up dropping the belts back to the Young Bucks a few weeks later.

At WrestleMania 33 we would see the Hardys return during the RAW tag title match. They would end up winning the belts. Unfortunately, they would end up losing the belts to the Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) at Extreme Rules. It seemed that the WWE didn’t know what to do with Matt and Jeff and they were on TV at points. Then Jeff Hardy would get injured and it seemed Matt would be on his own for some time.

Once Matt Hardy went into a singles run, it seemed that he would go on a losing streak. Every time that Matt Hardy would lose, he would start teasing the Broken Gimmick. As we saw on Monday Night, he would go on to lose to Bray Wyatt and started doing the delete chants. After RAW went off the air, there were reports that Anthem was dropping there case. In case you had not heard, Anthem Broadcasting (owners of Impact Wrestling) were fighting in court for the rights.

Since that news came out there has been this feeling that it will be happening soon. However, the WWE will alter the gimmick a bit. My hope is that they don’t completely butcher it and screw it up. I would love to see a feud happen between Bray Wyatt and a Woken/Broker Matt Hardy. Since Jeff Hardy is out, the WWE needs something to do with Matt.

WWE RAW will be interesting to see this Monday to see if the trigger is finally pulled.



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