Washington Redskins: Good, Bad, and WTF against the Dallas Cowboys

The Washington Redskins had one job to do on Thursday Night, win. In order to keep their playoff hopes alive, they needed this game on Thursday Night. Dressed in their all burgundy uniforms for color rush, the Redskins failed on all levels. They not only lost but the Dallas Cowboys destroyed them. You may ask yourself, was there anything good from the game? Not a lot. I explain in the weekly Good, Bad, and WTF.

The Good

  1. Kirk Cousins

While he was not at his best, he was still the best player on the field for the Washington Redskins Thursday Night. He faced constant pressure from a Cowboys pass rush that the ailing offensive line could not stop. He did not get any help from his lacking group of wide receivers either. Cousins finished the game 26-37 for 251 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INTs. If not for Cousins being on the field this team may not have even scored on this dreadful night.

The Bad

  1. Special Teams

The special teams unit of the Washington Redskins is awful. As former Redskins return specialist Brian Mitchell put it, “Special Teams is atrocious!” He had one of the best rants of the season regarding the special teams and how they need help. He also includes some other things. However, he speaks the truth. This unit is horrible. Especially, the punt units. I often hold my breath when we punt. Every time it is close to being blocked.

In addition, Ben Kotwika needs to replace Jamison Crowder. He has fumbled way too much to be returning punts anymore. Put another player like DeAngelo Hall or another back there. At least they are less likely to put the ball on the carpet.

  1. Wide Receivers

Attention Jamison Crowder, Josh Doctson, Ryan Grant and others. CATCH THE DAMN BALL! You are a professional wide receiver. You have one job when the ball hits your hands. The number of drops is, in no way, helping your quarterback or your offense stay on the field. This, in turn, causes your defense to be on the field longer, get tired, and not be able to make plays.


  1. Jay Gruden

Right now, Jay Gruden is treading on thin ice. His play calling and clock management skills are not at a high level. He has not adjusted his play calling to his ailing offensive line. I understand he cannot call screen after screen or slant after slant. The defense will eventually jump on it. However, more quick routes and run plays only help your QB and ailing offensive line. Not only this, it also helps in your drop-back game.


Additionally, clock management is atrocious. As a head coach, you must understand that you have one of the worst 2-minute defenses in the NFL. You cannot give the opposition the ball back with time left to score. You need to either place an emphasis on Manusky or you need to waste more time.

  1. Josh Norman

The Redskins are paying you to be a shutdown corner. What exactly are you shutting down, your drive to win? I stated in my weekly keys that we needed you to step up. You are a leader in this defense. When things are not going right, you need to rally your boys together. Instead, you sit there with a scowl on your face because you got beat. The best get beat every now and then. Get back on your horse and shut em down the next time. I understand the TDs were not caught on you. Nonetheless, you let some key receptions keep Cowboys drives alive. Come on Man!!

While the Washington Redskins are not mathematically eliminated, for all intent and purposes the playoffs are a foregone conclusion. While backing in is still a possibility it is a small one. So, as the saying goes; “There is always next year”.

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