New York Giants: No Need To Fire Ben McAdoo, He’s Exactly What They Need

The New York Giants are in the midst of one of their worse seasons ever in team history. But, all fans can do is point the finger at one man– Ben McAdoo. Why? I can understand the outrage from a 2-9 team but how is that all on McAdoo?

What is a coach supposed to do when two of his top position players go down with season-ending injuries? What can he do if that once great defense from a year ago all of a sudden forget how to tackle and defend? McAdoo is the same coach who guided the New York Giants to a 11-5 record last season but he doesn’t have those same players this year. After the Giants showed Tom Coughlin the door, the team viewed McAdoo as the second coming. And, to be fair, that’s exactly what he is.

For all the reasons Giants fans loved Coughlin, are the same reasons they hate McAdoo. Coughlin was a no-nonsense coach in every aspect of the word. He held his players accountable for their mistakes both on and off the field. The issue with McAdoo is, he inherited the same problems that Coughlin left.

Let us not forget that only a few months ago, fans were calling for a trade of Odell Beckham Jr. and his childish ways. But, the moment McAdoo tried to instill discipline and players turned their noses up, the media said he lost the team. Coughlin had the same problem when he was in New York. But yet, McAdoo is the real culprit here, right?

Why not point the finger at the front office or better yet, where is that leadership from Eli Manning? Shouldn’t Manning be in those same players ears telling them to get their act together and show proper respect to the coach? Shouldn’t Manning be the leader getting guys to block better, hit the proper holes, and catch the ball?

Fans would like to point to the fact that McAdoo may have lost the team the moment he and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie got into a dispute on the sideline against the Los Angeles Chargers this season. But, how could that be? When is it ever cool for a player to get in a coach’s face like that? Coughlin would not stand for that so why should McAdoo? According to a report, Cromartie said he made a mistake. But, the bigger issue is– where were the leaders? Landon Collins explained it best while also providing further proof that McAdoo had control of the team when he told the New York Post:

“Am I upset with McAdoo for suspending him? We’re upset that he’s suspended. He’s a major part of our defense and we need him on the D. That’s the coaches’ decision, not going to go against it. If he felt strongly about suspending him, then he felt strongly about suspending him.’’

What the New York Giants are dealing with this season is frustration. A team that went 11-5 last season is dealing with hard times but they are also dealing with immaturity. There were reports that Eli Apple was the one who leaked the info about McAdoo losing the team this season. If that’s true then we must also remember, that we’re dealing with a 22-year old kid. But once again, where is the leadership of the veteran players? You know the old saying, “it takes a village”. Well, that’s what sports teams are, a village. McAdoo can’t be around 24/7.

Now we come to the heart of the issue this year. McAdoo decided to bench Manning in favor of Geno Smith and New York Giants fans went crazy. But why? The season is over. What else are the Giants playing for? If Manning is their quarterback for next season, then why risk an injury? Forget the streak and padding of stats, this is about the future of the Giants. And, most importantly, Manning is no spring chicken. He’s 36-years old and there’s no telling how many seasons he has left in him. McAdoo made the right call here. Fans don’t like it and neither does Eli but a team-based decision was made.

If this was Cleveland then it would be “sit him down so we can see what the young guys can do”. But, since Eli won two Super Bowls, he’s untouchable? Do you honestly think Bill Belichick would keep Tom Brady in if the New England Patriots were in the same situation? Call Belichick whatever you want but he thinks team first and players second.

How many times have fans screamed for a Manning trade? (It’s okay to admit). The facts are, while Manning is good, he’s not great. During his career, Manning has led the NFL in interceptions three different seasons. But, when the playoffs get here, Manning turns it on like no other. So, why would the Giants want to risk what could a be a turnaround season next year?

I’ve heard that fans are upset that McAdoo benched Eli and decided to start Geno Smith instead of Davis Webb. By all accounts, Webb is supposed to be the future but what if McAdoo thinks he’s not ready? What fans are missing is the New York Giants are, in fact, an awful team. Why throw Webb into the fire when there are no real reasons? What if he fails to produce with the same players that a two-time Super Bowl winner couldn’t produce with himself? Then fans will say that Webb is a bust. Don’t deny it, this is how things are done in NYC. It’s a losing situation for the team, McAdoo, and Webb. We already know Geno is a loser, so…

Now that Manning is on the bench, the pitchforks are out and fans and media are calling for McAdoo’s firing. There is no need for that. McAdoo is doing what a leader is supposed to do. He let his players know from the beginning with the Rodgers-Cromartie mishap that he knows how to handle this team. He took the kid gloves off long ago and has decided to show tough love. Isn’t that what we ask from coaches to stop beating around the bush and hold players accountable for their actions, or in the New York Giants case, a lack of?

Is he perfect? No. There have been some mistakes on his part as well. It’s a long season and losing does not help. Has he thrown players under the bus? Yes, and for good reason. You’re paid millions to play and if you’re not getting the job done then why should you be coddled? Ben has faced the NY media, held his ground and made his statement. That took guts. The New York Giants should not fire McAdoo. They should praise him for having the guts to make the tough decisions in a time where coaches want to be a player’s coach instead of a team leader.


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