A Holiday Guide To The Top-Five Christmas Movies

It’s that time of the year. Christmas has finally arrived. This means cookies, gifts, cheer, and movies! With that being said, what are the top-five Christmas movies of all-time? I’ve put together a list of what I feel are the best.

1. Christmas Vacation
A Chevy Chase classic, Vacation easily takes the top spot. With so many funny one-liners and scenes, it’s impossible to not laugh at this movie. From exploding trees, jelly of the month club, and an unstable uncle, a Griswold family Christmas makes for one crazy time.

2. A Christmas Story
This classic Christmas movie you’ve probably seen on TBS every Christmas Day. In summary, Ralphie and his Red Rider BB gun take center stage in this comedy that has stood the test of time. You must watch A Christmas Story every Holiday season, I triple dog dare you.

3. Jingle All The Way
Here’s a controversial pick for sure. The Arnold Schwarzenegger classic details the hardships of finding that one toy you’re child so desperately needs. Additionally, Turbo Man became a household name after this movie. Subsequently, after watching it all you’ll want to do is say ( in your best Schwarzenegger voice), ” It’s Turbo Time”.

4. Elf
The Will Ferrell classic, Elf has become a Christmas Classic quite quickly. This is so much more than a Christmas movie though. All in all, it’s about family and spending time with those that love you. If you’ve not seen this movie than you’re a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins.

5. The Grinch

Some don’t like the Jim Carrey version of this classic tale. In fact, I happen to be one that does. Overall, it’s the perfect movie for Christmas and can be loved by anyone of any age. It doesn’t hurt that an adorable dog is a co-star.

Christmas movies are a great way to spend the Holiday. While my list doesn’t reflect the opinions of all, these films are Xmas classics. So, what are your favorite movies for the Holidays?



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