Crisis on Earth-X: Is Leo Snart Actually Earth One’s Leonard Snart?

This past week saw the biggest superhero crossover in the history of television. The CW is home to a number of superhero-themed shows, many of which live within the Arrowverse. This year’s crossover, Crisis on Earth-X, was a four-part series, uniting the characters of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Despite the plethora of characters, one really stood out to this writer. His name, Leo Snart, also known as Citizen Cold.

Brought to life by Wentworth Miller, who is most famous for his role of Michael Scofield on Prison Break, this was not Miller’s first rodeo in the DC television universe. Miller first appeared on The Flash, back in 2014, as the villainous Captain Cold, alongside his partner Heatwave, better known as Mick Rory. Two years later he would board the Waverider, and become a bit of a hero as a member of the Legends.

But things did not end well for Captain Cold. He would end up dying at the end of season one of Legends, leaving fans stunned, as Miller’s performance made him a fan favorite. However, it would not be the last we would see of him. Thanks to the time-travel aspect of the Arrowverse, writers brought Snart back into the fold.

The explanation was Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, had plucked him from the timeline prior to him boarding the Waverider, to recruit him to his group of baddies, the Legion of Doom. While he was ultimately brought back to the moment in time where he was taken later in the season, one thing was clear: Leonard Snart was once again alive.

Now let’s bring things back to the Crisis on Earth-X this week. When some of our heroes are taken captive and brought to the infamous Earth-X, it was none other than Wentworth Miller who came to the rescue. However, he was not the same Leonard Snart we all had grown to know. Instead, he was Leo Snart of Crisis on Earth-X. He certainly was more on the good guy side than Leonard ever was. Another critical difference the show established was Leo is gay, which was never an established trait for Leonard.

But as the four-part crossover, it became pretty clear that there is more to Leo Snart than meets the eye. For starters, he seemed to draw a liking to Mick. Now, this could be explained because Leo was partners with Mick’s doppelganger on Earth-X. Much like Mick and Leonard were on Earth One. But it simply felt like there was more of a connection there for Leo. It felt as though he personally knew Mick, but he simply did not want to let anyone know about it.

Then comes the end of the last episode. When Ray, Leo’s boyfriend from Earth-X, heads back to this home Earth, Leo decides to stay. He did not give a reason, simply telling Ray he would return to him. So there is clearly something on Earth One that is keeping Citizen Cold around. But the question is what?

One possible answer is that Leo is actually Leonard. The Captain Cold of Earth One has been through a lot since we first met him. We died but was brought back. He has essentially lost his partner, as the last time we saw him, he was roaming the Earth during the present day. While Mick was traveling through time. So there could certainly be plenty of reasons why he would want to leave the Earth that came to know him as a villain.

He got his taste of doing good when he joined the Legends. Barry Allen would recruit him to aid in an adventure, giving him another taste. So while Leonard might not want to admit doing good actually felt good, he could adopt an alter ego who could.

It’s also entirely possible that Leonard had always been gay, without making it known. So if he was offered a chance to start a new life on a new Earth, allowing him to become the man who knew he was deep down, he could have easily jumped at the chance.

It would be an interesting development for a character who has seen his character grow over the last few years. It would also be a way to let the character ride off into the sunset so to speak. He could easily be gone for good once he returns to Earth-X.

Now factor in the fact that Miller has announced he has filmed his final scenes as Captain Cold, leaving the CW Universe for good. Note how he specifically says “Leonard Snart/Captain Cold”. Given Leo is sticking around on Earth One, it is certainly more likely to see him pop up again. Instead of bringing back Earth One’s Leonard. But if this theory is correct, those two men would be one in the same. Meaning Miller’s comments are completely true, even if his final scenes are under the Leo/Citizen Cold alias.

What do you think? Could Leo Snart from the Crisis on Earth-X really be Earth One’s Leonard Snart? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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