WWE: Breaking up the Hype Bros was the right move

As we saw on the latest episode of Smackdown, the Hype Bros are no more. After Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley lost to the Bludgeon Brothers, Rawley ended up clubbing Ryder from behind. He kept beating up his former partner up for a few minutes by telling him that they are dead.

The Hype Bros had been a tag team for some time. It began for the two back in the summer of 2015. For sometime, Zack Ryder wasn’t being the right way on the main roster. So, the WWE decided to send him back to NXT. Once he made his début, he would form the Hype Bros with Mojo Rawley. They never held the NXT tag titles at all, but they were different. As the saying goes, certain wrestlers don’t need a title because they are very over with the crowd. Some could say that the Hype Bros were in this area because they were so over with the NXT crowd. It is worth noting that they had shots at the NXT Tag titles, but always came up short.

While Ryder was mainly working NXT, he was still working the main roster. At the WWE draft in 2016, Mojo Rawley  would be drafted to Smackdown. He wouldn’t make his main roster début until Battleground when he would save Zack Ryder from his beat down. When the two brands finally split off in September 2016, the Hype Bros were in line to become the #1 contenders for the Smackdown Live Tag titles. However, Ryder suffered an injury and was out of action for some time.

While Ryder was nursing his injury, the WWE gave Rawley a little push. He would end up winning the André the Giant Battle Royal. Due to the win, the feeling was he was going to get a push. However, that wasn’t the case due to Zack Ryder returning. It was within the last few weeks that a break up between the two was inevitable.

I am in favor of them breaking up because it was becoming stale. Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley are two talented wrestlers, who were not being used correctly. I am very curious to see how the WWE creative team will now write these two superstars.

Clash of Champions is coming up soon, I wouldn’t be shocked if we get a Ryder/Rawley match at the pay per view.




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