Eli Manning: Five Potential Landing Spots for the veteran in 2018

With the entire hubbub around the benching of Eli Manning, one thing is clear. That is, his days as a member of the New York Giants are counting down. So what does the future now hold? Does Eli want to continue his career with another team? Hence, a team that may just need a veteran to get to the big game. On the other hand, does he just want to join his brother and father in retirement? Either way, he would have a defining ending to his career. Let’s just say that he wants to continue to play. Here are five teams that could use his services.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are intriguing because we do not know what they have at the position. Will Andrew Luck ever play again in the NFL? Also, if he does will it be with the Colts? They currently are riding the wave of Jacoby Brissett. This is a wave that can either grow or come crashing down.

Meanwhile, the Colts may not be just a veteran arm away. Nevertheless, the addition of a player like Eli Manning could make them, at least, a playoff contender. Consequently, that is something that Indianapolis has not seen in a couple of seasons.

  1. New York Jets

Another team that might be interested in the services of Eli Manning is just across the river. The New York Jets, who were once thought of as a dumpster fire, just may not be as far off as people think. Are they a QB away? No! Nonetheless, adding a veteran arm could bring some weapons to Big Green and make them more competitive than they are. It would also give the Jets an opportunity to develop a younger arm.

This may just be a strong consideration for Eli Manning. He would not have to pack up his family. He could have an opportunity to make the lesser known team a better entity. Also, he would still be a face within the same community. This could be a very good short-term marriage.

  1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are a great question as a landing spot for Eli Manning. Currently, they are riding the coattails of Tyrod Taylor. However, after his benching two weeks ago, his tenure in Buffalo is uncertain. They caught a glimpse of the possibilities behind Nate Peterman. So, again, Manning could come in a rectify a team that is just oh so close.

The Bills also have weapons at Manning’s disposal. WRs such as Zay Jones, Jordan Mathews, and Kelvin Benjamin. A solid TE in Charles Clay and an RB in LeSean McCoy could make this attractive to Eli Manning.

  1. Denver Broncos

Would John Elway tempt fate on another Manning? Now, this is a team that truly may only be a QB away. The Broncos have the making of a solid offense. They just have to find some consistencies at the QB position. A player like Eli Manning could come in right away and return Denver to a state of contention. With the defense and the stable of playmakers, Eli could find himself ending his career in the same city his brother did. Possibly in the same way too.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have already dabbled in the aging veteran market. Twice, as a matter of fact. Both of those times have been fairly successful. Kurt Warner led them to a Super Bowl appearance. Meanwhile, Carson Palmer, though he has struggled with injuries, has made several playoff appearances.

There are several attractions to playing in Arizona too. It is warm, it is a dome, and they have Bruce Arians. Arians is one of the most QB friendly coaches in the game today. Let us not forget there is also the opportunity to throw to one of the best WRs in the game, Larry Fitzgerald. All of this could very well attract a player like Eli Manning.

Notice I left off the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are a popular choice due to Manning’s former coach Tom Coughlin. They too may have an opening at the position. However, in the end, I believe that the Jaguars will be sticking with Blake Bortles.

I believe that Manning will play again. He will most certainly have his fair share of suitors in 2018. Will it be one of the ones on this list? Or will it be someone else? Whatever happens, you can rest assured that we have not seen the last of Eli Manning.

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