New York Giants Need to Fire Ben McAdoo Now After Eli Manning Mishandling

For months, fans have hoped for the New York Giants to fire Ben McAdoo as the head coach. Yet, it hasn’t happened.

This past week, Ben McAdoo gave the Giants all the reason for them to do so. Reason to do it before the end of the 2017 season.

With Giants owner John Mara away at NFL owners meetings, he wasn’t present for the discussion between Ben McAdoo and Eli Manning. Not only was Manning removed as the Giants starter, but it was made out to be that Manning’s days in East Rutherford were numbered.

In Ben McAdoo’s press conference to the media on the day the announcement came down, his comments made it seem like Geno Smith was the best option for the team to win in their game against the Oakland Raiders. The very same Geno Smith who failed as an NFL starting quarterback with the New York Jets.

Less than 24 hours after the announcement of Eli Manning’s benching came down, John Mara made a public statement. However, this wasn’t the same as Ben McAdoo’s. John Mara wanted Eli Manning to stay the starter in games that the Giants were winnable. John Mara was only in agreement for the other quarterbacks to play if the Giants were losing. Hence, the game is out of reach. That wasn’t the message Ben McAdoo portrayed to Eli Manning.

In Ben McAdoo’s message, he made it seem like Eli Manning was only starting part of the game. Then the team would remove him no matter what the score was. That was why Eli Manning wasn’t in favor of the proposed plan by Ben McAdoo and thus, why the change at quarterback happened.

In a season where Ben McAdoo has shown that he has absolutely no control whatsoever of his team and looks as clueless as it gets as an NFL head coach, this act may be his final straw with the Giants.

When John Mara was asked if Ben McAdoo still had job security for the remainder of the season and responded by saying, “nothing is guaranteed,” that was a clear sign that he’s fed up with his head coach.

A few weeks earlier, John Mara gave McAdoo an endorsement. One that stated he would remain the head coach for the rest of the 2017 season. However, that wasn’t the same sentiment from the New York Giants owner regarding his head coach’s immediate future.

At the end of the day, Ben McAdoo has screwed up to the point of no return. His players don’t respect him. The media does not respect him. And the fan base flat-out hates him. And this is why John Mara needs to do the right thing and fire McAdoo as the head coach.

John Mara should have fired McAdoo after the loss to the San Francisco 49ers several weeks ago. Nonetheless, he decided to not break tradition and kept him as the head coach. But that was long before McAdoo made a complete mockery of the franchise with his gross mishandling of a future Hall of Fame quarterback.

For that, the organization needs to send Ben McAdoo packing as soon as possible. He no longer deserves the opportunity to be the head coach of the New York Giants.


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