Marvel’s Runaways: Why Did Pride Kill Nico’s Sister Amy?

After three episodes, it was clear that Hulu had struck gold with Marvel’s Runaways. But, it took the fourth episode to fill in the blanks.

In the first three episodes of Hulu’s Marvel’s Runaways, we were introduced to teenagers with powers, deep emotional issues and parents who may or may not be killers in a cult. Wow! But, the best part about the introduction to Runaways was the story itself.

After the first three episodes, fans left Hulu wondering who was who and what was what? Which character had powers and what would that mean for anyone trying to get in their way of the truth? In “Fifteen”, the group of friends spent time away from each other but each still had a purpose. Alex joined Nico at the police station to report a murder, Karolina came out of the hero closet to Chase and Molly and Gert, finally got the truth about the dinosaur.

But, the main mystery of “Fifteen” didn’t surround the Runaways. We have to go back to the first episode and what tore the group apart in the first place. We learned that the death of Amy, Nico’s sister caused the friends to go their separate ways. But, we were never told what actually happened to Amy. Was she murdered, died of natural causes, an accident, or was she one of the sacrificial lambs for Pride?

All Signs Point To Tina

In the opening scene of “Fifteen”, we were provided the answers to what happened to Amy. However, the expression on Tina’s face as she entered Amy’s room told a story of guilt. But, here’s where I became alarmed. When Nico screamed, her mother perked up from the desk as if she was waiting for that reaction. Then, when Tina got into the room, there was no type of emotion. Like hey, your daughter is dead, shed some tears or something.

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If the lack of emotion wasn’t a dead giveaway, then it had to be what Tina did to Nico while she was calling the cops. Tina took the staff and zapped Nico, knocking her out. But still, the questions will loom, why would Tina kill her own daughter? Now, that’s the million dollar questions there. But, with Tina being a part of Pride, maybe, just maybe there was a sacrifice needed and Amy just happened to draw the short end of the stick.

Think about my logic here for a minute.

Pride is all about the sacrifice, and for what reason we have yet to find out but wouldn’t Amy be a perfect choice? Maybe this was before they started taking runaways or homeless people, but whatever the case, Amy may have been a pawn. Look at the circumstances. Let’s say Pride got nervous and needed another sacrifice in which Amy was chosen because she had a sister to carry on the family.

Sounds weird right? Let me explain.

The other Runaways, as far as we know are only kids, meaning, there has been no mention of little brothers or sisters. While Gert and Molly are in the same household, they are not blood-related. So, with Tina and Robert having two kids, giving up one wasn’t seen as such a big deal. They couldn’t take Alex and leave his mom and dad without, the same can be said for Chase and Karolina as well.

It’s clear that Tina killed her child but for what reason?



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