FAU: Three Keys To Winning the C-USA Championship Game

The Lane Kiffin led Florida Atlantic University (FAU) are facing off against the University of North Texas on Saturday December 2nd, at 12PM EST, in Boca Raton, Florida. Florida Atlantic played North Texas on homecoming night, and dominated them 69-31. FAU looks to repeat that same performance in their championship matchup. Hopefully, they can come away victorious by following these three keys to victory.

Tote That Rock!!!
FAU is averaging over 280 yards of rushing. Most of  the scoring for their offensive points are from the running back. FAU can play this to their advantage. Since North Texas is averaging over 200 yards of rushing and can’t find a way to stop the run. If FAU can score early and continue to run the ball effectively, that would be able to put them over North Texas.

Big Turnovers on Defense!
North Texas loves to throw the ball. They are averaging almost 280 yards of passing. But, with so much passing, the quarterback typically makes mistakes. If FAU can capitalize on the mistakes, and get big turnovers, they could win the championship. FAU and the defense have been relatively good at stopping the run. But they have to make the big play to give the offense more momentum in the game.

Kiffin’s Uncharted Waters
During Kiffin’s college career, he has never faced a team twice in the same season. Which is relatively strange, considering how many schools he has coached and been apart of. Nevertheless, this could help or hinder Kiffin Against North Texas. Depending on how he prepares himself and the team, whether he under-prepares because he has already played North Texas, or over-prepares because he knows that they have improved as well. If Kiffin can just take this as another game, he should have no problem leading his team to victory.

If FAU can follow and successful do all the keys listed, then they should have no problem winning this game. After being projected to win at most of five games this year, Kiffin is looking to win the C-USA Championship and all of FAU will have their eyes on a big bowl matchup!

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