C-USA Football Championship: North Texas vs Florida Atlantic University

One final game before bowl season is officially here. If you were to tell me that Florida Atlantic University and North Texas would be battling it out for the C-USA Championship, I would not have believed you. Both North Texas and FAU finished the season strong at 9-3. Thus each look to bring home the title this Saturday at 12:00 EST in Boca Raton, Florida. The last time FAU played North Texas, FAU scores on their first eleven drives. They also put up over 800 yards of offense, which was a school record, and dominated the game-winning 69-31. While we cannot expect the same outcome, we look forward to seeing these high-powered offenses compete against one another!

After their homecoming matchup, both teams have gone undefeated, and have dominated teams since the match. North Texas has even said they adopted the mentality and motto that FAU has pushed out all year. “One game at a time”. Both teams have improved in areas that they were lacking in, towards the beginning part of the year. However, FAU is still looking like the better team, on paper. FAU is best North Texas in every statistical area, besides passing yards per game. The intense matchup should be very exciting to watch. Especially given both teams have improved from their performance earlier this year.

While many expected both teams to be towards the bottom in their conference, they have exceeded all expectations and made it to the C-USA Conference Championship. With FAU being favored in this game, most likely due to the previous blow out, FAU should run away with this game, all pun intended. But if North Texas can get a jump on FAU earlier, and make them play from behind, North Texas could come out of this one a winner as well. Nevertheless, it will be an eventful and exciting C-USA Championship game!


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