New York Giants Performed Ultimate Disgrace in Eli Manning Benching

For the first time since the 2004 season, someone else other than Eli Manning will be the starting quarterback for the New York Giants.

When the Giants take the field on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, it will be Geno Smith, and not Eli Manning making the start. With this move, Eli Manning’s 210 consecutive starting game streak will come to an end; one that began back in his rookie season of 2004.

With the Giants at 2-9, their season wasn’t going anywhere and it would have made sense for the Giants to see what they had in Davis Webb; their third-round pick from the 2017 NFL Draft. But instead, head coach Ben McAdoo decided to sit the future Hall of Famer in Eli Manning for failed veteran Geno Smith.

That’s right, the same Geno Smith who was punched in the jaw by a former teammate when he was with the New York Jets because of an unpaid debt and didn’t have a single teammate back him up. That’s who will be starting under center for the Giants over Eli Manning.

What the Giants did on Tuesday; by allowing Ben McAdoo the ability to take away Eli Manning’s job as a starting quarterback, was the ultimate disgrace. And, McAdoo isn’t the only one who gets the blame for this disgrace.

Jerry Reese does too, as he gave his blessing to make this move. As does John Mara, who gave his blessing for it to happen.

Jerry Reese deserves as much blame as McAdoo because he created the mess of a roster that Eli Manning had to work with. He didn’t give Eli Manning a proper offensive line to work with over the last two years. He failed to produce a decent enough running back to balance out the offense.

The injuries can’t be blamed on anyone; as the receivers in Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Harris all ended up on season-ending injured reserve. Sterling Shepard is still active, but he’s been oft-injured this year.

So what Eli Manning has been stuck with for a good majority of the 2017 season was a practice squad offense and yet, he’s the one getting the blame with his benching.

Again, it’d be one thing if the Giants, during a 2-9 season decided to sit Eli Manning for Davis Webb. That’d be one thing. Most fans would be upset by it, but they’d eventually accept it because the Giants do need to see what Webb can give them before they decide to draft another quarterback in April.

But instead, they sit Eli Manning for Geno Smith. And McAdoo’s comments on Geno Smith giving the Giants the best chance to win make this even more embarrassing and a bigger disgrace than it already is.

Eli Manning deserved a better ending to his career that likely ends up with his induction into the Hall of Fame. He deserved to go out on his terms. He didn’t deserve to get pushed out; like the team did to Tom Coughlin two years ago.

Eli Manning was to the Giants what Derek Jeter was to the New York Yankees, Patrick Ewing to the New York Knicks and Mark Messier to the New York Rangers. Icons, legends, historical figures. Not just faces of a franchise, but ones that you tell the story of for generations.

And this week, in one foul swoop, the Giants found a way to disgrace their franchise star and icon with the public embarrassment in Eli Manning’s benching.

Shame on the New York Giants.

Shame on John Mara.

Shame on Jerry Reese.

Shame on Ben McAdoo.

Eli Manning deserved better than this disgrace from his team.

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