Luke Combs: country music’s next outlaw and total badass

With the Country music genre dominated by “bro-country” artists such as Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan, the old days of country music seem to be long gone. However, one person, in particular, is helping bring the genre back, his name is Luke Combs. Combs a newcomer in the country music world is doing it the old school way and kicking ass in the process.

While the 27-year-old may not have had the “traditional” start to his country music career he’s come a long way. After dropping out of college at the last possible second Combs is slowly becoming a household name.

Luke performed at the Route 91 Harvest music festival and was watching Jason Aldean when the horrific attack took place. In a Snapchat posted later in the night he posted that he and his crew were all safe and accounted for. They may have been okay physically but mentally is another story. He paid tribute to those victims the next night on Jimmy Kimmel. He sang his heart-wrenching song “Used to you” and continues to do so on his tour.

The biggest surprise of the year is Luke selling out all the venues on his tour. The “Don’t Tempt me with a Good Time” started back in October. Combs has extended it into early 2018 now.

Mr. Combs now holds two number one singles one of which went platinum. His first hit “Hurricane” hit number one on the US country airplay list. That song single-handedly helped Combs produce his “This one’s for you” album. Luke only had enough money to master one track and he chose Hurricane. Within the first week of its release, it had already sold 15,000 copies. This ultimately helped him release his album earlier this year.

Luke’s second single “When it Rains it Pours” released earlier this year has also gone number one and isn’t far away from going platinum. He’s also planning on releasing another single called “One Number Away” later this year. A song that more than likely will equal Combs third number one this year.

While the country music scene sounds a lot more like 2000’s pop music there’s still a handful of guys doing it the outlaw way. Luke Combs is clawing his way to the top and don’t expect him to leave anytime soon once he gets there.


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