Lucifer: Time to change up some things?

There’s no doubt that the FOX show Lucifer has been terrific throughout its existence. However, the show may want to consider spicing things up a bit so Fox does not pull the plug.

What to change? Let’s start with Lucifer. The playboy bar owner has shown audiences his caring side and his ability to have a laissez-faire attitude. He also has put criminals in their place with his intense demeanor.

Mr. Morningstar is changing as a character. Going from a fun seeking partier to a guy that focuses on not disappointing Chloe.

I don’t have a problem with the current state of Lucifer, but he needs to be less tame as time goes on.

Bottom line: Allow Lucifer to be an out of control character and super fun. We don’t need the fact that he’s trying to change thrown in our faces.

The next thing I want to point out is the types of villains on the show and the show set up.

Every episode Lucifer and Chloe are solving a case of some kind throughout the streets of Los Angeles. Some cases are really enticing and provide plenty of fun as a viewer, but it might be a good time to deviate from that.

There can still be cases to solve, but stressing the importance of Lucifer and his antics is more enjoyable to witness and should be used to catapult the Monday night program.

If more episodes can include Maze, Amenadiel, and Lucifer interacting with one another and showcasing their powers more often, then the show can reach a whole new level on the cool scale.

The villains on Lucifer are not notable for their characteristics, but their actions during the crimes they commit. Seeing how they back-stab people in their lives and come up with schemes on how to overthrow certain rules in place certainly keeps my attention.

The show doesn’t need a villain that’s complex or a chatterbox, but if the personalities are a bit more intriguing or relatable that might help draw in more audience members to the program.

Finally, the supporting cast in the LAPD needs to step it up. I like Dan, but his relationship with Charlotte Richards isn’t very interesting, so that should be blown off. We need to see the serious cop side of Dan and his ability to take down the bad guys involved with the personal or professional lives of the other characters like Chloe and Trixie.

Ella Lopez is a great investigator. Nonetheless, sometimes she’s too kooky. She needs to dim down that side of her personality. Other than that she’s someone who challenges the people around her with her wit and smarts. However, most of the characters in Lucifer do just that. She is a good aid to the other characters on the show. However, with so many important characters like Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Dan, Maze, and Linda, you have to wonder if the writers will kill Lopez off in the coming episodes. Is she very important in the futures of the main characters? How is she going to launch the show to another level? She’s very crafty, but her character doesn’t draw me in like the others. There are other characters that provide plenty of entertainment.

(Side note: I’m looking forward to seeing what might happen with Linda. She’s been apart of big moments on the show such as finding out who Lucifer is, her husband going crazy and finding out Lucifer is actually the devil, and she almost died in a previous episode.)

Lucifer has been excellent for the TV screen. We can hope that it continues to air on Monday nights for years to come. The show has provided us with plenty of emotional moments full of triumphs and challenges. It also gives us great visuals and music, which keeps audiences coming week after week for more.

A new episode of Lucifer will air Monday, December 4.


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