Is The 2018 NFL Draft The Deepest We’ve Seen at QB?

Depending on ‘who’ you talk to, many will tell you that there are anywhere from 3-6 1st round QBs potentially in the 2018 NFL Draft.

“Really?’ you’re probably thinking to yourself. Well, the truth is…. we still don’t know who is officially declaring. Many are expecting Sam Darnold to stay in school another year and continue to develop, which probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. So who are these potential 1st round picks and are they worth a 1st rounder?

As we all know, QB is the most important position on the football field, just ask the Rams and the Eagles this year. That also means as we’ve historically seen, many teams overdraft and overvalue QBs. Many are clearly not 1st round players as we find out in a very short period of time. Here’s a look at the potential 1st round QBs in this upcoming class.

A Look at the 6 Potential NFL 1st round QBs

  1. Sam Darnold – As mentioned above, USC expects Darnold to stay in school for another year. Darnold hasn’t quite lived up to the preseason hype for the Trojans this year, but there’s no doubt he’s a talented kid. Possessing a rare blend of height, athleticism, and toughness, Darnold is an extremely talented football player. He hasn’t been helped by his lackluster offensive line. If Darnold declared, he would no doubt be a top-10 type of consideration.
  2. Josh Rosen – Rosen had a bit of a disappointing sophomore year in 2016, only playing 6 games after dealing with a shoulder injury. But this year, he has been phenomenal, showing he has all the tools and the big-game ability to be a star at the next level. The biggest concerns with Rosen are his injury history and the number of interceptions he throws. But Rosen is the most gifted and natural passers out of all the QBs and has experience playing under center. Rosen will likely be a top-5 draft pick.
  3. Lamar Jackson – In his first year at Louisville, many projected Jackson as a receiver or an RB at the NFL level due to his athleticism and running ability. Nonetheless, he has greatly improved as a passer. Showing the arm strength that few running QBs have. Jackson proves to have the potential and ability to get better and better. The biggest concerns with Jackson are his small stature. Also his consistent accuracy and the ability to win within an NFL pocket. Scouts and coaches know Jackson to be a tireless worker and an outstanding teammate always looking to improve and get better as a football player.
  4. Josh Allen – Allen had a really good 2016 season and rumors were flying whether he would enter the draft, but he declined and decided to play another year. Good for NFL evaluators, but probably a bad decision based on draft value. Allen’s 2017 season has been very up and down. While he’s certainly got a lot of Ben Roethlisberger to his game, his decision-making is beyond reckless at times. Often times throwing the ball and lobbing it into the air in the worst possible situations. But Allen has traits to work with, showing athleticism, accuracy, arm strength and toughness. Allen hasn’t had a lot of help from his offensive line this year, constantly getting battered in and out of the pocket. Allen deserves to be in the 1st round mix with his skill set.
  5. Baker Mayfield – Mayfield is the Johnny Manziel in this draft class. There’s no question he’s a baller and one of the best college football players we’ve seen in the last decade. But his attitude, footwork, stature, and lack of ideal arm strength are going to make many teams shy away from him. But his consistency, big-game experience, toughness, accuracy, and reliability are going to make him an attractive option for some teams. There’s no question he is a winner and will find a way to get the job done. I’ve heard his stock from anywhere to top 5 to a 4th rounder.
  6. Clayton Thorson – Thorson isn’t a name we’ve heard as much as the other 5 but Thorson is a REAL talent. You can’t help but watch the tape and notice the guys football velocity. He throws the tightest of balls in the tightest of windows. He’s an incredibly smart kid that got better in each of his years at Northwestern. Thorson is known to be a leader and an outstanding teammate that will impress during pre-draft workouts.

There’s been some talk of Mason Rudolph and Luke Folk as 1st round players as well. However, they are more likely Day 2 prospects, each of them having some major flaws.

Either way, the 2018 QB class is good AND DEEP. Even if 2 or 3 of them decide to stay in school.


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