F is For Family: Kevin Murphy Can’t Let Go Of His Dream To Be A Rockstar

F is For Family recently finished its second season on Netflix. While many pressing issues remain, one of the hot topics going into Season 3 is whether Kevin will get his big break in the music industry? His band, Shire of Frodo, isn’t well-known or very good, but he has the determination to be a rock star.

Frank Murphy doesn’t want Kevin to follow his dreams of rock stardom. Instead, as any father should, he wishes his older son would spend more time studying. That’s a typical father move, but Kevin doesn’t see it that way. His drive is to live off of his rock band.

Throughout Season 2, Kevin and Frank clash. A lot of the issues stem from the music. Kevin and his bandmates are able to get a gig at a nursing home. They also land one at his next-door neighbor’s party (a situation that didn’t go all too well). However, there’s still much work to be done if the band is to hit the big time. That means a lot more studying, as Kevin can’t rely on music to carry him.

Shire of Frodo was happy to hear a tiny snippet of their song play during the weather updates of a local rock station. Yes, that’s obviously not hitting it big, but for them, that’s a start. It’s highly unlikely Kevin sees any real rock stardom in Season 3, but things could pan out his way.

Let’s not assume Kevin won’t become a rock god. He’s more motivated to succeed in music than he is at school. While Frank and Kevin do not see eye to eye most of the time, at least Kevin shows dedication to something. This might be why Frank is so against his son following his passion. Frank himself let go of a dream of being a pilot to start a family with Sue.

If anyone can take anything from Kevin’s hardships at being a rock star, it’s that you don’t give up on your dream. Perhaps Frank has realized this and will come around in Season 3 of F is For Family. But for the time being, Kevin needs to focus on school and not his band. The time will come for Shire of Frodo.



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