UCLA Swings For Fences With Chip Kelly Hiring

With new UCLA Bruins head coach Chip Kelly now running things in Westwood, things will look a lot different.  it’s not far-fetched to acknowledge that this is the Bruins biggest coaching hire in program history.

When the UCLA Bruins football program introduced their new coach Chip Kelly before the media on Monday afternoon, there was excitement around the UCLA campus. The biggest fish in the coaching pond has landed. UCLA fans feel the tides have turned. Bruins football coaches have had some success over the years. They have not been to a Rose Bowl in 16 years, and have not won one in more than 30 years.  Previous UCLA coaches have tried and have come up short.

Chip Kelly is profound hiring.  It will be the first time that the best coaching candidate decided upon UCLA. If this works, Kelly could dispel the notion that UCLA is just a basketball school. If Kelly fails there may never be a coach who can bring success to the football Bruins. Alumni are already dreaming of bigger things for the UCLA program like Bowl wins.

Chip Kelly realistically doesn’t guarantee that everything will happen at once. As of now, Kelly and the Bruins seem to fit because they play to his strength on the offense. He revolutionized the read style offense while at Oregon.  He relies on athletes to use their brains to read what the defense was giving them and react to it to make the plays. His schemes lead to a 46-7 tenure. It also would place Oregon firmly in the national championship picture.

However, it is proven that what led to success at one program may not lead to success at another, so there is some turnover in the player ranks for this to happen. It is safe to say that Chip Kelly has done well in the Pac 12. However, it will be tough to bring a program like the Bruins up to that level. Also, the resources are totally different. While at Oregon, Kelly could tap resources from Nike founder and Oregon alumnus Phil Knight. Neither of those exists at UCLA.

There is also the rivalry aspect that fuels many fires in Westwood. At Oregon, Kelly didn’t have to look over his shoulder at a rival program. Oregon St, the “rivalry” of the Ducks aren’t on their level. At UCLA, Kelly will be looking over his shoulder with USC just a short ride away. While most might argue that coach Clay Helton is not the master strategist that Kelly is, he will always have the Trojans history and name to get better players to come to USC.

Chip Kelly has the pedigree. It would be able to give him time to build his program at UCLA. , Unfortunately, alumni and fans probably won’t patient enough to wait out success. They will have no choice but have to Kelly is the best hire that UCLA could have ever asked for, but expectations need to be tempered.


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