FSU: Who Will Replace Jimbo Fisher?!

While Jimbo Fisher is not having the best season out at Florida State University, there are multiple rumors and speculations that after this season, he will leave FSU to become the new head coach of Texas A&M University. It’s crazy to even think that, especially with all the success that Fisher has accomplished and brought to FSU. Along with knowing that his team was doing very well before the starting quarterback went down. Nevertheless, if Fisher decides to leave and chase the money. There are three coaches who FSU should contact with to fill the vacant job.

Scott Frost – Head Coach of UCF

Frost has brought a lot of excitement and success to UCF. While this will be his second year as the UCF Head Coach, many Power 5 schools are already reaching out to him. While this may seem like a stretch, especially since he has recently stated that he is focusing on UCF and the upcoming games. There are many reports that his Alma Mater Nebraska would be interested in him. Yet, if Nebraska turns him down, FSU has the perfect chance to steal him and keep him in the state. In addition they will give him a larger paycheck. A need for FSU is they have had problems with their offense, which Frost can fix.

Willie Taggart – Head Coach of Oregon

Taggart has been able to build teams to stable winning teams. While it usually take a season or two for him to get the reigns down, he is relatively successful. With that being said, he has been the Head Coach at WKU and USF, before being at Oregon. While he has had some tough seasons, he has shown steady progress. In the college game, coaches who show steady success will do well. One downfall for Taggart is when his team has success and makes a bowl game, he goes off to another program. . While this would not be an issue for FSU, it is something to always keep an eye on.

Lane Kiffin – Head Coach of FAU

I know, this one is a shocker, but, think about it. He has had success in the last three years, and could bring that swagger and winning status to FSU. Kiffin is bringing a résumé of coaching positions, from multiple college position coaches, to NFL and NCAA Head Coaching opportunities. Kiffin brings the “Been There, Done That” mentality, and has the swagger that FSU fans and players will love. While Kiffin has already joked to Tennessee about “waiting by the phone” and rejecting any offer from them, FSU would be a different story. FSU fans shouldn’t surprised to hear his name being thrown into the ring.

FSU is not fully focused on who the Head Coach will be going forward, and more or less worried about winning this weekend to make sure the 2017 season is a bowl eligible season, once that is done. then the focus will gravitate towards that. While these selections are just my opinion, who would you like to see take the FSU job, or even hear be interested in the coaching list. Make sure to comment below and let’s here your opinion!!!


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