Can Aquaman be the next Wonder Woman

Now that Justice League’s wraps up the latest superhero team-up movie, Warner Bros and the DCEU have their next series of solo projects to consider. Of the rumored films in development, the only film that’s close on the horizon will be next year’s Aquaman. Set to release on December 21st, 2018 the film will bring a much-needed origin story for the character. Arthur Curry hasn’t been exactly been a fan favorite of the Justice League team but has been around for a while.

Portrayal of the iconic character hasn’t always been the best. Often criticized as a goofy sidekick more than a hero is never a good look. Even in Justice League there were a few lines cracking fun at the character’s lone power being able to “talk to fish”. DC has gone a long way to change opinions with their latest Aquaman comic run as part of their Rebirth branding. The central theme throughout the first few issues is how the character is misinterpreted over the years by the people on land.


In the end the real question becomes, did Justice League do enough to solidify the character as the next big screen hit. Jason Momoa has the fan following after his minor stint on Game of Thrones becoming an instantly recognizable face. However few roles would prove to be as challenging as Aquaman. Not only is the whole DCEU overly criticized, but there’s the challenge of creating an underwater civilization with believable characters, all while staying true to the comic book counter part.

Director James Wan has gone on to say that his Aquaman solo project will set itself apart in ways from what we’ve seen in Justice League. The film itself set up the character perfectly for him to work with. In Justice League we get more of a sense of the characters personality than back story. It was a great stepping stone for fans to get a taste of the character but almost left a completely blank slate. Even with the underwater scene in the film there was a hint of the character’s struggle but nothing that pushes the character in one direction or the other.

Aquaman has all the potential in the world to be another solid performer like Wonder Woman. It has star power sprinkled in with intrigue. Much like Wonder Woman it also has potential to be one of DC’s most visually stunning movies so far. If you remotely enjoyed Arthur Curry in Justice League than you won’t be able to wait patiently for Jason Momoa in the stand alone film. Just follow his social media accounts or interviews to find the passion and excitement he brings with him wherever he goes. Can the DCEU bring their version of Thor to the sea? Time will tell but after Justice League there’s no reason to believe the movie won’t have success.[RickTwitter]


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