Arizona Wildcats: What is Going on, and How Do They Fix This Mess?

What’s going on with the Arizona Wildcats? The college basketball world turned upside down, as Zona lost three straight at the Battle 4 Atlantis. Nobody really knows what the issue with this team is, but they’ve got limited time to fix it.

Personally, I feel this is just a rough patch. The Arizona Wildcats will figure things out before conference play. You’ve got a team that includes a potential top-five pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, and another that will probably go in the lottery. But why is this team struggling?

For starters, Arizona is playing deplorable defense. In two of the team’s three losses at the Battle 4 Atlantis, the team gave up 90 points to NC State and 89 points to Purdue. The defense didn’t seem to be there. It would be one thing if the Wildcats lost a close game in the mid-60’s like the loss to SMU, but they are letting team’s they are better than dominate them on the scoreboard.

You really can’t ask DeAndre Ayton or Alonzo Tried to do much more. Aside from the loss at Purdue, both were able to score over 15 points during both defeats. Ayton scored over 20 twice and 17 once, not to mention his contributions on the glass as well. Trier, who had an off night against Purdue, can’t be much better himself.

Is it possible for the Arizona Wildcats to right the ship? Yes, but it will be a long struggle to do so. It’s obvious the team has lost their confidence. They’ll need to start plucking away at the win column slowly. As PAC-12 play is right around the corner, they’ll need to get a handle on this issue rather quickly.

With some dangerous teams such as Arizona State, UCLA, USC, and even Oregon looking like formidable threats, it won’t be easy for Zona in the Conference. The Wildcats don’t have a signature win on their resume. They’ve beaten Northern Arizona, UMBC, and Cal-Bakersfield, not exactly what you’d call a tournament resume booster. They’ll need to win some quality games against top opponents if they are to make it the Dance.

Overall, the Arizona Wildcats have a lot of work to do. Yes, they can still win the PAC-12 and all of the struggles will be a thing of the past. And this team is really good. You’d have to be with all of this exceptional talent. I still think this is just a rough patch on the schedule and they’ll end up being one of the best teams in the PAC-12. Of course, if they don’t improve on defense, they might be NIT bound at the end of the season.



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