The Ranch: Will Abby Be Able To Hold On To The Relationship Once Colt’s Child Is Born?

Part 4 of The Ranch on Netflix is full of big questions.

Will Abby be a supportive mother figure to
Colt’s child? It is not easy for her, given that her boyfriend is having a child with another woman.(Colt and Abby weren’t together at the time) However, she’s been more than accepting of this and has shown interest in helping Colt and Heather raise the child.

Depending on what happens with Colt and Heather’s unborn child (the cliffhanger at the end of part 3), Abby will have to be supportive of Colt and his decision to be a part of the child’s life. Colt will be focusing a lot of his time on that child. He’s already taken a second job. To which Abby has already shown her displeasure.

There’s going to be a lot more time spent away from Abby in Part 4. This baby is going to consume a lot of time and money from Colt. That’s definitely going to take a toll on Abby. Like most relationships, Abby wants her boyfriend to focus on her. However, in Colt’s situation, it’s going to be tough for that to occur.

Abby doesn’t have much support from her parents on Colt. In fact, her mother and father despise him. They won’t give their blessing to the relationship, and certainly won’t given Colt is having a child with another woman. That’s just something Abby will need to get over, and for the most part, she has.

Will Abby be able to hold on to the relationship given the situation? Her and Colt have gone through some tough times. This dates all the way back to High School. They both genuinely care for each other.

It’s entirely possible Abby leaves Colt because of the predicament she’s in, but so far it seems there will be none of that. Although, once the baby comes, things might be a tad different.

The real question about the child is whether it will be healthy? The cliffhanger at the end of Part 3 of The Ranch foreshadowed something going terribly wrong. If there is an issue, Abby will need to be even more supportive to Colt, especially as he’ll need to console Heather as well. Although, for the sake of this article let’s assume the child will be fine and Netflix isn’t going to make this happy moment something tragic.

When this child is born, Colt’s whole life will change. Abby needs to be his support system because it’s not going to be easy for him to manage everything. Almost all of his money will go to that child. It’s not going to be easy for Abby, but she knows what she signed up for. We’ll find out during Part 4 of The Ranch on Netflix



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