Sean Taylor: 10 years later memories live on

10 years ago today the NFL, Washington Redskins, and the world lost a great man. Sean Michael Maurice Taylor lost his battle with a gunshot wound to his femoral artery. I remember this day clearly. How I sat on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands. I rarely shed a tear for a celebrity. However, on this day, I did. I felt as though I just lost a brother. Like many other fans, I will forever remember Sean Taylor. Every year on this day, I write a memory.

Therefore, you see, I do somethings in my life that helps keep his memory alive. I am an avid softball player. Therefore, I wear the number 21 in memory of Sean Taylor. I play the game with considerable passion. Just as he did the game of football. I still have a ribbon that I wore for the rest of the 2007 season. All of this, I keep close to me.

Sean Taylor was well on his way in the NFL. He was also well on his way in life. He was beginning to make changes in life for the good. His daughter and girlfriend meant everything to him. Taylor was doing all the right things up until that fateful day.

As a player, Sean Taylor was already linked with some of the best safeties in history. He had coverage skills like a CB. He had speed like safeties before him. Ronnie Lott comes to mind. Sean Taylor also hit with loads of power like Steve Atwater. All of this was placing Taylor on the map as one of the best of all-time.

Sean also had a nose for the ball. He often saved several games for the Washington Redskins with his ball-hawking skills. During his tenure, he made big play after big play. Two of the most significant plays came against Washington’s arch-rival, Dallas Cowboys. The first in 2005, Sean Taylor lays out Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton after the Redskins take the lead with two fourth-quarter TDs. The second, the following season, Taylor picks up a blocked FG setting up a Nick Novack game winning FG.

Even after 5 seasons, Sean Taylor was one of the greatest Redskins to ever play for the team. His loss was one of the most heartbreaking losses. Not only as a fan but in my personal life as well. His memory will live on forever.

RIP #21!

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