New York Giants: In order to make 2018 great, its time to clean house

It is safe to say that 2017 has been a bad year for the New York Giants. While most of  the fan base didn’t expect this team to make the playoffs, it became official yesterday. Since the Giants won the 2011 Super Bowl, they have now only appeared one time. Now that the season is basically over, the Giants should start thinking about moves to make 2018 better.

One thing that the Giants ownership should do is clean house. I don’t mean only firing Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese. I am talking about firing Ben McAdoo, Mike Sullivan, Steve Spagnuolo, and Jerry Reese. As we have seen in sports, you tend to not do well when you fire certain people after a bad season. My feeling is that you fire everyone and start new to not only help the team on the field, but you can also change the culture of the locker room. As we heard through un named players that most of the locker room didn’t have confidence in the coaches. Another reason I would fire the entire coaching staff is that they have gone down in rankings.

The 2016 team that went 11-5 and appeared in the playoffs was ok. The 2016 offense was 26th in points and 25th in yards. On Defense, they decent as they were 2nd in PA and 10th in YA  The defense is what helped them in a ton of ways last season. One year later and essentially the same team and it has gone the wrong way. In 2017, the offense is 31st in points and 28th in yards. The defense is 22nd in points allowed and 31st in yards allowed. While I am aware that injuries has played a role this season, but injuries happen to every team.

Also, it seems that the Giants are only going to have two wins this season. If that stands, it will be only the 5th time in the teams history they had two wins. The last time this happened was in 1974. Prior to that, they had 2 wins in 1947,1964,and 1973. So it is not common for this Giants team to play badly.



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