Justice League: What could DC have planned for Deathstroke?

If you’re anything like fans, and nothing like critics, then enjoyed what you’ve seen out of the latest from the DCEU universe, Justice League. After a slow start, word of mouth helped get the latest comic book movie back on track.

If you were smart enough to stay until the credits finished rolling, you saw a throw back nod to comic book readers. A mid-credit scene showed the Flash racing Superman to the Pacific coast. As fun as the scene was for viewers, the more intriguing one came post credits. The short clip sees Deathstroke meet with an escaped Lex Luthor claiming they need to form a league of their own.

The footage itself obviously gives an sign that the characters will be used in the future but for what? The rumors were swirling obviously about the attachment to the Batman stand alone film. Then there’s the will he or won’t he debate that has sparked up again. Now, there’s even talks of a solo Deathstroke project. No one is for certain Joe Manganiello’s involvement going forward.

Good news for Deathstroke fans going forward, however. If Manganiello wasn’t a part of the plans going forward, there was plenty of time for the post credit scene to be edited out of the film’s final cut. So where does WB/DC go from here?


If you follow the trail of breadcrumbs it should somewhat clear things up. Originally an adversary of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke has had his main stay in the Batman universe. Now that rumors are swirling that the character is no longer in plans for the solo film we have to wonder where he’ll be next. It’s highly unlikely that Warner Bros would just throw together a solo project without at least some involvement in another film. While there’s another Justice League film planned, after building the eventual Darkseid storyline they’re probably against changing up the film to include the Legion of Doom/Injustice League.

The more likely scenario is Man of Steel 2. Outside of Justice League and Batman, the only logical sequel Deathstroke could be tied to is Superman. The two have squared off a few times in the comics and it’s not hard to believe that Lex Luthor could be brought into the fold here as well. While some could argue the hired hitman might not be the best adversary for a Man of Steel film, he’d make an excellent right hand man for Lex Luthor.

If Lex were to hire Slade Wilson to wreak havoc and draw Superman, not only would we get to see the full scope of the Deathstroke character, there could potential be a shift in how they portray Lex Luthor. The shift from a character who more resembled the Riddler more than Lex Author would be a welcomed change to those who disliked him in BvS. This Lex was far from the jealous, maniacal, evil genius that we’re used to seeing. Systematically drawing out the Man of Steel with the help of Slade Wilson would be the perfect way to show Lex Luthor as being one step ahead of the game.

What are your thoughts? Does Joe Manganiello deserve more screen time as Deathstroke before a solo project?[RickTwitter]


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