Grey’s Anatomy: Why Not Have Meredith And Arizona Hook Up?

One thing is for certain when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy and their famous relationships, there are no rules. Doctors dating doctors, doctors sleeping with interns and doctors dating patients are the norm. Nothing is off-limits so why not put two of our favorite characters together and see what happens?

For 13 seasons we watched as Meredith Grey fantasized over Derek Shepard, got her man, married him, had kids, and then buried him. While it was a great gain it turned out to be an even tougher loss for our leading lady. Arizona herself has had to deal with relationship hardships as well. It was great seeing her and Callie together but what started out so innocent, turned to lack of trust, hate, a custody battle and a divorce.

As great as these women are, why can’t they seem to connect with anybody?

After Derek, Meredith went into a shell and left Seattle for a while. Upon her return, she swore off men but decided to get back in the saddle only to scream and cry at the first man to get in her bed. but, along came Nathan Riggs and for a while, it seemed this could be the start of something special. That was until she decided to do the right thing and let him go for his soulmate. As for Arizona, she tried picking up women in bars, sleeping with interns, starting a secret affair with the enemy, and dating her roommate’s sister. In the end, both women were ghosted.

Why not have Meredith and Arizona date?

Before the hounds come out in protest, why is this such a bad idea? Both women have plenty in common with the other. Meredith is as outspoken as they come and the same can be said for Arizona. They both have kids, both have loved and lost and let’s not forget the near-death experience on the plane. As far as a career, both are top-notch in their respective fields and both women love and will do anything for Alex Karev.

Meredith has only loved one man in her life. And, as far as we know, Callie was the love of Arizona’s life. But, after so many losses both personal and professional, both women are sort of treading water in Season 14. Meredith has to live with the fact that she gave up on love for what she may believe was for the greater good. Arizona was just used as a sex toy and now has to watch as Owen sleeps with her former partner.

Pairing Meredith and Arizona together will have a major impact on the show as both characters move on from losses. Not saying that Meredith should completely give up on men, however, if she were to ever explore, why not let it be with Arizona? What’s wrong with Arizona? She’s one of the hottest doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial, loves sex and has a good heart. Aren’t those the same qualities that attracted Meredith to Derek and Nathan in the first place?



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