F Is For Family: What Does A Fourth Child Mean For Frank And Sue Murphy?

Can Frank and Sue Murphy survive another child? With all the stress surrounding them this season, it seems they’re headed for a fourth child, as F is For Family heads into Season 3.

Frank was seen using one of the condoms from Smokey’s inventory at the end of Season 2. We know Smoke has a tendency to poke holes in the condoms. This just foreshadows what might be ahead for Season 3. You can almost guarantee that Frank and Sue are going to be adding one more to the family.

It wasn’t easy for the Murphy family in Season 2. Both Bill and Kevin went through a rebellious stage, which saw Kevin clash with his father many times. We saw a different side of Bill too, as he stole, skipped class, and abandoned his best friend. Maureen was caught up in all of this, and all she wanted to do was be anything other than what her parents forced on her.

What would a fourth child mean for Frank and Sue?

Well, it would prevent Frank from going back to flight school, and put a hinder on Sue getting her education as well. Money would become more strict than it ever was at any point in the first two seasons. Quite frankly, it could be very stressful for both Frank and Sue.

Bill, Maureen, and Kevin would need to step up their efforts around the house as well. It’s not going to be smooth sailing for quite some time. Arguments will occur, times will be tough, and sacrifices will be made. Their best option is to help out in any way they can. Whether that means Kevin and Bill take on jobs and added responsibility, or Maureen do what her parents ask just to avoid stress, the kids need to be on their game.

We know Frank worked a long and grueling schedule with Smokey, and he’d likely be headed for more of the same with a fourth child. Sue would also need to increase her work schedule for the time being, as she’ll be out of the job for several months after having a baby, leaving Frank once again as the primary bread-winner of the house. And truthfully, that’s probably the best for Frank.

It’s going to be a tough road ahead for the Murphy family. A fourth child isn’t what anyone expected. Everyone will need to make sacrifices to keep the family afloat. That’s just the way things go. It’s all going to be played out in Season 3 of F is For Family

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