Depending On Who You Ask, Matt Cross Is The Best Wrestler To Come From Cleveland

Let’s not knock WWE for the failure to sign Matt Cross. They’ve missed out on many special talents in the past. Cross is one of the major blunders in their history. Once a contestant on Tough Enough, Cross didn’t make it very far. It’s surprising to some, but for a wrestler who has made his name on the indie scene, it’s best he keeps it that way.

Cross has seen a lot of things during his time in the ring. Still, the 36-year-old still has a lot left in the tank. Wrestling in promotions such as ROH, CZW, and Lucha Underground, he’s what you’d call a journeyman in the business. Yet, he’s so much more than that, as Cross has held his own for many years.

Currently, Cross stars on Lucha Underground as Son of Havoc. Aside from a short run on Tough Enough, this is the first real mainstream exposure for him. Because of this, fans are starting to see how good he really is. His recent matches with fellow Lucha Underground star, Shane Strickland (Killshot) and newly signed NXT star, Lio Rush, have been nothing short of spectacular.

Once a backyard wrestler, Cross took up wrestling at the Cleveland Pro Wrestling School. The Ohio native is just one of many independent and WWE wrestlers to come from Cleveland. Some names you might recall are The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Johnny Gargano. And while Cross hasn’t had the success of the aforementioned stars, he’s known worldwide by the hardcore wrestling crowd.

Wrestling all across the world, Cross has had stops in Japan, Mexico, Europe, and even Australia. There aren’t many that appreciate the craft more than Matt Cross. He’s a straight edge wrestler, similar to that of CM Punk, making him quite the unique star. There are many who enjoy the style of wrestling Cross is known for, which is why he’s in such high demand.

The next step for Cross is to win the Lucha Underground title. While that might or might not happen in Season 4, he’s been with the company from the beginning. A trios champion, Cross (Son of Havoc) has this ability to play the underdog. That’s what he’s been for his whole career.

While it’s unlikely he ever gets to the WWE again, his career path has taken him quite far. Not many can say they’ve had the success of Matt Cross. He’s a wrestler Cleveland can be proud of.



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