New York Jets: Revis’ Revenge Plan

Longtime New York Jets All-Star/Pro Bowl Cornerback Darrelle Revis found a new home Wednesday. He signed a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. Honestly, this did not seem to bother me, as a Jets fan, until I glanced at the schedule again. Next Sunday, the Chiefs travel to MetLife Stadium, to face the New York Jets. Revis looks to get revenge on the team that dropped him and left him to the wolves.

The Jets and Revis left off on bad terms last year. The Jets stated they were most likely going to either ask him to move positions, take a pay cut, or get dropped from the team. Revis came out and stated that he would have no problem moving positions. However, he was not going to take a pay cut. Hence, the inevitable happened and the Jets released him.

However, instead of doing it right away, the Jets attempted to persuade Revis to take the pay cut. Therefore, staying with the Jets. But even so, during the off-season, a late-night incident in Pittsburgh involving Revis, ultimately pushed the Jets to drop him. Revis felt betrayed and bitter towards the Jets for not attempting to stick with him during this situation, and left the Jets, again, with a bad taste in his mouth.

The New York Jets should have nothing to worry about, especially if they watch tape on Revis last year. Revis is not the same shutdown corner that he is known to be. Seeing that he will have some trouble against speedy Robby Anderson when they play. However, it was just very odd, that Revis signed just a week and a half before the Chiefs take on the Jets. Once again this matchup is on December 3rd at 1 PM EST. Consequently, it should be an exciting matchup. All in all, the return of Revis will be an interesting experience for all Jets fans.


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