Minnesota Vikings: Providing a blueprint for teams with QB issues

On Thanksgiving, the Minnesota Vikings beat the Detroit Lions 30-23. Case Keenum completed 21 out of 30 passes for 282 yards and 2 scores. The Vikings had over 130 yards on the ground and their defense held Detroit to 289 total yards of offense.

The Bengals, Jets, Chargers, Bills, Redskins, Cardinals and Buccaneers are in a situation where they will need to take a quarterback in the 2018 draft or within the next three years. This is either because of their quarterback’s age, mediocre/poor play, or because of the upcoming free agency.

Obviously, these teams would like to be great sooner than later, but it isn’t easy. Not every team can have a Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck. Some teams have to take an average guy because of draft order or talent available. Therefore, teams may have to look at upgrading other positions first before getting a franchise QB.

The franchises previously mentioned need to take notes on the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes have a good offensive line. Keenum has only been sacked five times in 2017. Minnesota’s defense has been extremely tough on opponents this season. They’ve given up 17.2 points per game on average (4th in NFL).

Also, Minnesota has consistency in their running game. Latavius Murray has averaged 4.75 yards per carry over his last three games.

So what are the Vikings telling us? They are finding ways to sure up positions in the trenches. The Vikes wanted to add some stability at the tight end, running back and wide receiver spots. Why? So, that way if they have an issue at QB they will be respectable and have a shot to win most games they play.

They had a bust of a draft pick in Christian Ponder, Brett Favre was only there for a short period, and Teddy Bridgewater dealt with major injuries that made him miss the past year and a half. Since the Vikings didn’t have a first-round pick in 2017 or a first round pick that was higher than 23rd in 2016, the Vikes had to find ways to win without Bridgewater. This meant getting a veteran signal caller in Sam Bradford via trade and bringing in Case Keenum.

If teams are in need of a quarterback for the future, but may not receive a top 10 pick in the first round of the 2018 draft, then it’s important to sign a veteran QB that has some upside. Teams need to create a good situation for a new QB to be a part of. Otherwise, another Andrew Luck scenario may pop up.


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