Just how wrong are critics about Justice League?

By now you’ve read all the talk from critics on how Justice League is just another failure out of Warner Bros and the DCEU. Where every you’re reading that from cut it from your bookmarks, clear your history, and forget you ever visited that site. It’s preposterous to think that Justice League sits at the current Rotten Tomatoes score of 41%. Almost laughable.

Is Justice League anywhere near the epic The Dark Knight trilogy? No, and it doesn’t need to be. If you really want to enjoy Justice League, stop looking for the next big superhero movie. Captain America: Winter Soldier and The Dark Knight stand miles ahead of the competition. Everything else should be just for fun. Not that these type of movies won’t come around again, but expecting it out of ever one is a bit absurd.

Something hit me while waiting to watch a different movie. Sitting through a preview Justice League, two rows ahead of me sat a few kids with their parents. About midway through the preview the look of pure excitement never left their face. I thought to myself “man, imagine being excited for a movie again with the naïvety of a young kid again. To see it without expectations, without critic influence, and nothing more than pure excitement.”


Seeing these heroes on the big screen, some of them for the first time, should leave you with enough excitement to last days. That’s what this film is about, the characters. Seeing the Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Batman and Superman all on the same screen and portrayed by actors who bring those characters to life is nothing short of a fun experience.

Some may chose to go on and on about bad CGI, the villain this/that, it was too fast paced, or whatever are just looking for a reason to complain. There are moments in Justice League that far outshine the nitpicking nature of critics. How well the characters interact, the one-liners between them, how they’re portrayed vs small screen or comic book counterparts, everything about them is just fun.

However, as much fun as the movie itself seems, it doesn’t fail to bring out each characters struggles. Justice League was meant to not only introduce us to these great characters but also set up solo projects. To be honest, it completely did. In the few short scenes these characters were being recruited, I had questions that needed answers. I got a feel for their personality. There back story was hinted at and with the right push can be great.

Warner Bros and the DCEU have had their struggles for sure. However, to put this negative spin on a film where everyone in the theater seemed to have fun, I have no words. It might not top your list of all-time favorite movies, but it is worth at least one viewing.[RickTwitter]

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