Did Doomsday Clock live up to the hype (audio)

All the way as far back as their Rebirth Special Edition, DC has teased The Watchmen. One of DC’s least used properties, Watchmen has been left on the shelf for years. Ever since turning the page and seeing Batman find the Comedian’s Badge, we knew eventually they’d return soon.

DC would even tease throughout a couple of their current Rebirth titles their existence but never fully confirmed. The current run of Batman and the Flash even went as far as a 4 issue crossover run of the two titles appropriately named The Button.


Originally written by Alan Moore in 1986, The Watchmen has been one of the most critically acclaimed comics throughout history. The limited run was a 12 issue monthly release that would eventually lead to a wildly popular graphic novel. The book would become so popular it landed on Time Magazine’s 2005 list of The 100 Best English-language Novels from 1923 to the Present.


(Hear Geoff Johns talk Doomsday Clock at NYCC)

The Review:
The most important thing to remember before picking Doomsday Clock up is tone. Doomsday Clock will use a bit more adult tones and language so you may not pick it up for the younger readers. With that being said the first issue couldn’t come soon enough. Doomsday Clock #1 was everything it was talked up to be. It was true to the old Watchmen form, had a compelling enough story to make you want to return for issue #2, and sprinkled in a bit of humor.

Doomsday Clock will go back to it’s Watchmen roots with a 12 issue limited run. Having seen the first 6 page ashcan at New York Comic Con, I walked away with the feeling I’d easily be disappointed or overjoyed with the first issue. The story picks up right where the comic left off and leaves you with a lot of intrigue. The most important part of a first issue, limited run, comic is the ability to give the reader enough reason to read the next issue. Writers can’t drag their feet developing stories so it’s all or nothing. Issue #1 does a great job of peaking the interest of the reader.

A crossover from their normal DC titles and now Watchmen can have huge implications for future stories. Doomsday Clock perfectly sets the timeline on our current heroes and past events, so far. How well the run succeeds will largely rely on bringing current readers back to our heroes roots, stay true to the characters, and develop a new breed of readers. So far, the first issue has hit all the right earmarks. Issue #1 should be an instant read for all comic book fans.

Doomsday Clock #1 is on sale now. Check your local comic book shop on December 27th for issue #2![RickTwitter]

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