Universal Orlando: Adding Harry Potter To Halloween Horror Nights Is A Big Win

Halloween Horror Nights is arguably the most popular scare attraction in the World. Universal does a great job of producing well-themed houses and scare zones for their guests. There is one franchise that Universal Orlando would be wise to capitalize on for Halloween, Harry Potter.

With all the land and space in the park devoted to Harry Potter, why not make Diagon Alley a themed scare zone? It’s pretty simple really. Add some death eaters and possibly Lord Voldemort to roam the area, and you’ve got yourself a first-rate attraction. Of course, there would have to be themeing across Diagon Alley.

We’ve seen what Universal can do with Diagon Alley for Christmas. Surely, they can decorate the area for Horror Nights too. It could be as simple as smoke effects and Death Eater posters. Another idea which would add to the ambiance is putting a death eater symbol in the sky. This could be done with a spotlight. Think of a bat symbol and you get the idea.

Considering Diagon Alley is intended to be a family attraction, it wouldn’t make sense for Universal to theme it during the day. With Horror Nights being a night event (and a separate ticket), they could definitely incorporate some scary elements into the area without scaring off the children.

From what I’ve been told, Diagon Alley is almost a ghost town during Horror Nights. Bringing in the scare element might increase crowds to the location.

I’m not too sure why Universal Orlando hasn’t thought of doing this with the Harry Potter section of the park before. It’s definitely going to bring people through the gate and increase merchandise sales. It’s not even an actual scare maze they’d need to build. Setting up a scare zone wouldn’t need as much maintenance.

This idea seems like a win for Universal. Incorporating one of the most popular franchises in the world in HHN means major bucks. With all the IP’s the park uses for Horror Nights anyway, adding one more shouldn’t be an issue. There really doesn’t seem to be a negative to this idea.

Do you think Universal Studios Orlando should make Harry Potter part of the Halloween Horror Nights experience?



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