St. Louis Cardinals and J.D. Martinez are perfect for each other

Slugger J.D. Martinez is still on the open market, but the best opportunity for him to succeed might come in “The Gateway City” with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cardinals are full of young talent. Like Rookie of the Year candidate Paul DeJong, Kolten Wong, and Randal Grichuk. However, the Cards need a veteran power bat to help carry the load.

The Cards are in a winnable division and the Cubs need pitching help this winter, especially if they lose Jake Arrieta in free agency.

Martinez would join a winning organization and there isn’t much pressure on him to be “the man” if he went to St. Louis. In Boston or New York, Martinez would be under the microscope more and he’d have to deal with non-stop media scrutiny if he struggles.

The Cardinals are 6th in payroll and they’ve already made an offer to Miami for Giancarlo Stanton, so it looks as though they aren’t afraid to consume some money to bolster their club.

By acquiring J.D. Martinez, the Cards are showing their fans that they want to build a winner. Even though it may take some time to be a World Series caliber team. After signing Martinez they can trade Jose Martinez or another outfielder in exchange for a good quality starter.

Martinez is going to get big money. He can offer help to an offense that had several players with 20 or more homers.

Signing the outfielder isn’t the Cards top priority. However, it can cover up the blemishes that might come with the younger players like Jose Martinez, Tommy Pham, and Grichuk.

The pitching staffs in the NL Central aren’t loaded with an all-star pitcher at every turn. So Martinez should find comfort really quickly.

The St. Louis Cardinals will need as much firepower that they can get. The Cards need this to get past tough bullpens in the NL during the playoffs. If this isn’t a match made in baseball heaven, I don’t know what is.


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