Riverdale: The Black Hood May Not Be As Dangerous As The Lodge’s

What’s happening on Riverdale with the Black Hood might be shocking, but the real crime is going on right under the town’s nose. While the residents are trying to figure out who the killer is, what they are about to endure could be far worse. The Black Hood is a figure who has spoken, written and made his presence felt through actions, while the real danger has yet to make a bold statement, until now.

In “Death Proof”, Veronica Lodge admitted that Nick St. Clair tried to rape her and when her father (Hiram Lodge) found out, he put aside any business dealing he had with the St. Clair family and stuck as only a gangster can. During a phone call, the Lodge’s were informed that the St. Clair family was involved in a car accident. When Veronica heard the news, her response proved that the evil in the Lodge name extends to her as well with “oh well, karma is a b****””.

As subtle as it was, it was an alarming gesture that Riverdale is in for trouble.

While Archie Andrews is out fighting for his town, his girlfriend’s family is plotting. When Pop’s Diner was in financial trouble, the kids thought they raised enough money to save the Diner with the help of the Lodge’s contribution. However, what they did not know is that Hiram brought the Diner right from under Pop.

Hiram and Hermione, although not spoken of in full detail yet, have some type of twisted backstory with Riverdale and the older residents. We have no idea what happened and where the bad blood is from but what we do know is that sooner or later, the truth will come out and Veronica will be caught in the crossfire. But, what remains to be seen is, how will she react when or if the town turns on her?

Which Veronica Is The Real One?

For now, she’s a part in the in-crowd that includes Archie, Betty, and Jughead but little by little we’re starting to see the cracks in her goody-goody persona and a bit of that evil Lodge persona seep out. They say there is nothing like the bond between a father and daughter and while Veronica and her mother do not always see eye-to-eye, there will come a time when Hiram will ask Veronica for her loyalty.

With the Blossoms possibly out of the drug business and the South Side Serpents searching for a real leader, Hiram may just be the person to fill both those voids. If so, then how will that affect Veronica? We’ve already seen how cold she can be when she though Betty really gave up on their friendship. Veronica has her days where she can portray the role of a saint, but she can just as easily play the role of a villain as well.

Remember, the RED Circle may have been Archie’s name, but the initial idea of a rebellion came from Hiram. Also, remember, the Serpents came to the Northside to do business with Hermione while Hiram was in jail. The pieces are coming together and while everyone in Riverdale is freaking out about the Black Hood’s killing spree, one family has managed to escape his crosshairs. Why is that?

Hermione told Veronica, they came back to Riverdale to escape the madness, while all the while they may have come to start the madness.


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