Los Angeles Dodgers: Giancarlo Stanton Trade Could Hinge on Yasiel Puig

This MLB offseason is sure to be a fun one. Not often do you have the reigning NL MVP on the trade market like we do this winter. With Derek Jeter and the new owners of the Miami Marlins looking to shave payroll, outfielder Giancarlo Stanton is available in trade talks, given his massive contract. One team that could emerge as a potential suitor for the slugger, the reigning National League champs, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In the early going this offseason, the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants have been the top two teams associated with Stanton. Both clubs have reportedly made formal trade offers. Then there are teams such as the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs that many have linked to Stanton and his 59 long balls. But none of those teams have what the Dodgers do. Yasiel Puig.

So let’s break things down a bit. Let’s start with things from the Los Angeles Dodgers point of view. They are coming off a season in which they won an impressive 104 games. They went to the World Series. The only reason they did not take it all, the Houston Astros and their impressive young core. Now despite all of those impressive facts, people still felt this team had its holes.

When you look at their lineup, they have their fair share of big names. But they also have plenty of guys who many will view as “average”. Their offensive numbers in the power department were a bit above average. So swapping Stanton in for Puig is a trade they would make any day.

Now let’s look at things from the Marlins point of view. The main motivation for moving Stanton is for payroll purposes. Stanton is due $25 million next year. Add five more years of massive paydays. On the flip side, Puig has a salary of a little over $9 million this season. After that, he has one arbitration year left.

Considering that nine million is less than about six current Marlins players, it seems like a win. It’s a $16 million savings this season, plus more financial flexibility in the future.

Now let’s add in Puig’s age and 2017 stats. The former top prospect is just entering his prime. He will be 27 next year, then 28 in the final year of his deal. Those could very well be the two best seasons of his career. Last season, he launched 28 home runs in 152 games. He added 15 stolen bases, proving he is a factor in multiple ways.

A change of scenery to South Beach could be great for Puig as well. The current Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder is of Cuban descent. It just so happens Miami is a city with a ton of Cuban influence. He could certainly be a draw for the locals, which could mean a boost in ticket sales. Sure that is debatable, seeing that Stanton will be gone. But what other player has the potential to be that type of draw for Miami, assuming Stanton is gone in another deal?

The question becomes how rocky is Puig’s relationship with manager Don Mattingly? Mattingly has managed Puig before, as he used to be the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. There were reports a few years back that the two did not see eye to eye. Can they put those feelings behind them for the betterment of the Marlins?

That would likely be a conversation Jeter would have before engaging in any talks around Puig. Assuming Mattingly does not have an issue, all signs point to Puig being a great fit for Miami in a potential Stanton deal. He would step right into the heart of their order. While most teams would center their packages around prospects, who are a year or so away, the Dodgers offer an immediate replacement.

So what do you think? Should the Los Angeles Dodgers dangle Yasiel Puig in trade talks for Giancarlo Stanton? Will the NL MVP be a fit in LA? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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