Charlie Strong Pokes the Beast

In the latest news for the UCF vs USF rivalry; Coach, Charlie Strong added fuel to the fire (even if unintentionally).  Today at his press conference, Strong said:

“The things that’s really impressive about Griffin, when you’re watching — I think him and [USF WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling, a fellow St. Pete native and Lakewood High alum] were teammates here — is just how hard he plays. He’s always moving, he plays with so much passion, and he’s hard to block. He’s gonna cause a lot of problems for us. He’s caused a lot of problems for everyone. And he has the handicap, and he does not allow that to stop him from doing what he needs to do, which is really special about him. But you watch him play, and you think guys can block him, and they can’t block him. He doesn’t get blocked. He finds a way to get to that football and make plays.”

Shaquem Griffin did not like that choice of wording one bit and fired off a tweet saying “It’s not a handicap” with three angry emoticons.

As a twitter friend of mine, Collin Sherwin pointed out the reason it is a problem is the real definition of the words. Impairment, Disability, and Handicap have three different meanings but are often used interchangeably. Here are the definitions:

  • Impairment: Any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological, or anatomical structure or function.
  • Disability: Any restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being.
  • Handicap: A disadvantage for a given individual that limits or prevents the fulfillment of a role that’s normal.

Clearly, handicap was not the correct word here. Charlie Strong could have used the word Impairment or just not mentioned it. I also believe he meant zero ill will but sometimes less is more. I believe he has the UCF football team riled up and ready to go. Of course, Coach Frost for UCF will say the kids aren’t worried about it.  But, Shaquem Griffin is one of the most respected players on UCF and in the conference so you know his team will rally behind him 100%.  All I can say is– here comes the boom.


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