We Saw The Rise Of Velveteen Dream At NXT Takeover

The highlight of NXT Takeover wasn’t the War Games match. Instead, we saw the birth of a future main eventer in Velveteen Dream. The young star from Tough Enough was the highlight of the night. His match against Aleister Black was an instant classic. What does the future hold for Dream?

There aren’t many times where a wrestling match takes my breath away. Yet, as I watched Velveteen Dream pull off some sort of inverted DDT on Black, I couldn’t help but find myself at a loss for words. Indeed, Dream is the real deal. I certainly didn’t go into NXT Takeover thinking Velveteen Dream would look better than Aleister Black in this match.

I now find myself as one of the biggest Velveteen Dream fans in the world. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. He’s not only a great wrestler but tells a great story in the ring. That kind of charisma takes some wrestlers years to master. Dream has only been a pro wrestler for 3 years, and he’s already got it down.

This 5-star match did more for the career of Dream than it did Black. Aleister should get an NXT title shot at some point, or possibly a push on the main roster. Meanwhile, Dream has a chance to be a top heel on the NXT roster. It might not happen right away, as there are still many ahead of him in the pecking order. As some of the current NXT class graduate to the main roster, he’ll ascend to main event status.

What could be next for the Velveteen Dream? It’s possible he continues his feud with Black, but that seemed to have ended at Takeover. Ideally, he’d enter a feud with another babyface, possibly Kassius Ohno or Roderick Strong. Whatever WWE decides, we know he’s got the ability to put on a 5-Star match. There is too much potential to let him simply waste away on NXT. And at some point, Velveteen Dream might be a Champion on the main roster as well.



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