New York Giants: Mike Smith Deserves Chance to Become Next Head Coach

Before the Philadelphia Eagles scared the New York Giants into hiring Ben McAdoo as their next head coach in January of 2016, Mike Smith was the runner-up for the job.

In fact, his interviews with the Giants and John Mara went very well. Many thought his hiring was imminent to take over for his old friend in Tom Coughlin. Yet, the Philadelphia Eagles expressing interest in McAdoo led to the Giants hiring him themselves.

With the New York Giants at 2-8 and McAdoo likely looking at an exit from East Rutherford, they will be in need of a head coach. One with actual NFL coaching experience.

With McAdoo falling flat on his face as a head coach, the Giants can’t go back to the “hot assistant” route to clean up the mess Ben McAdoo has made this year. They need an established coach.

So, who is better to bring in? Is there someone better than the man who, in hindsight, should have gotten the head coaching job instead?

Sure, Mike Smith isn’t an overwhelming name like Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden or Nick Saban. However, that’s not what the Giants need.

They need someone who commands respect and knows how to get things done. Mike Smith had a good first run as an NFL head coach with the Atlanta Falcons. He had them one game away from playing in a Super Bowl during the 2012 season.

In seven seasons with the Falcons, Mike Smith went 66-46 and made the playoffs in four of his seven seasons. But one of the drawbacks on him was the 1-4 record in the playoffs. But given what happened in February with the Falcons, Mike Smith may not have been the problem.  It may be more of an organizational issue.

Currently, Mike Smith is the defensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; a team that has disappointed this season as many had thought they would be in playoff contention; 4-6 heading into Thanksgiving.

But Mike Smith should definitely get another look at being an NFL head coach again. At 58, he’s at the same age that Tom Coughlin was when the Giants hired him to take over in 2004.

Also, for the fans who continue to clamor for Coughlin to come back to New Jersey, Mike Smith is very similar to his friend that won two Super Bowls in his 11 years with the team. Their coaching styles are very much alike. Which would be a welcome aspect to a Giants fan base looking for respectability to come back.

Ben McAdoo got a reprieve from the weekly “Fire McAdoo” chants he normally hears. They got quiet since the Giants got a 12-9 overtime win over the Kansas City Chiefs. But the Giants schedule won’t get any easier and not many expect them to finish with a good record.

McAdoo’s days with the Giants seemed numbered. Especially, With the amount of chaos and turmoil that McAdoo has created. To go along with his reputation publicly as someone who looks as clueless as it gets as an NFL head coach.

If (and ultimately, when) the Giants decide to part ways with McAdoo, they should give the guy that should have gotten the job two years ago another serious look.

The Giants should have hired Mike Smith to begin with. And once the 2017 season ends, the New York Giants should give Mike Smith serious consideration as the next head coach.


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