What Impact Will Jobs Have On Mickey And Gus In Season 3 Of Love On Netflix?

We’ve seen Mickey and Gus fall in love. As we approach Season 3 on Netflix, another big question mark is coming to the attention of the group, their jobs. Both have to face challenges in the work force for the upcoming season. How will they deal with them?

Mickey took a lackadaisical approach to work. Now, with the buying out of her radio station, she needs to step up her game to save her job. Thankfully she was able to convince one of the top love and relationship podcasters to sign with the station.

This move totally saved Mickey’s job, as she’s now the producer of the new show. For once at work, Mickey won’t be under the shadow of Dr. Greg and will be able to take control. She found herself in Season 2, and her work really benefited, but it’s going to be a bit different with the added responsibility.

On the other hand, Gus might not have a job. After Arya finished up her Witches schedule, he’s now left without permanent work in Los Angeles. We know he turned down an opportunity to work with a coveted director in New York, but I don’t think he cares much as he’s finally back with Mickey. That still leaves him without a job though.

It would be expected that Arya finds another role in the LA area. Although she left every indication of wanting a normal life. Does this mean Gus will find another young actor or actress to tutor and teach? I’d bet on him finding a permanent job in the Los Angeles area to be closer to Mickey. It’s just not clear what that job will end up being.

With Season 3 of Love approaching on Netflix, the job question will need to have an answer quite quickly. Does an unsure work environment play a factor in the life of Gus and Mickey? I’d wager to say they both get through It and end up just fine. But as things stand now, it might be a little harder than it looks.



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