Washington Redskins: Three Keys to watch against the New Orleans Saints

For the Washington Redskins, a win in week 11 will go a long way in attempting to secure a spot in the NFC Playoffs. While a loss does not eliminate them, it will definitely damage their chances. This week’s game against the New Orleans Saints is probably the toughest remaining on the schedule. So what do the Redskins need to do to gain victory in the Bayou? Here are the three keys to victory.

  1. Run Defense

The run defense of the Washington Redskins has been stout all season long. They sit 13th in the league heading into Sunday. One thing that has been missing from the middle the past 2 weeks has been DT Matt Ioannidis. The Redskins could get him back on Sunday. They will need him to plug the middle.

Last week, the Saints had two RBs go for 100+ yards each. If the Redskins are to stay in this game, they need to make the Saints a one-dimensional team.

  1. Maurice Harris

Last week the Redskins called Maurice Harris up off the practice squad. He made an immediate impact with a spectacular one-hand catch for a TD. However, after that, he only had one other reception. He may just be the best WR that Redskins have. Keeping him active in the passing game needs to be necessary. He has speed and a solid set of hands. He is also a big target at 6’3”.

  1. Samaje Perine

This week the Washington Redskins placed RB Rob Kelley on the injured reserve list. The new number one back could very well be Samaje Perine. The Redskins drafted him in hopes he would eventually take this role. Thus, he now has the opportunity to shine. He is a powerful back that was winning at every opportunity last week.

His one downfall has been putting the ball on the turf. He will need to avoid that to maintain his playing time. I have noticed, however, that he has changed his running style since his last fumble. Hence, this could just be the redeeming feature that he needed.

The Washington Redskins still have a strong chance at making the playoffs. Although they will need some help. Nevertheless, take care of your own business and the rest will work itself out.

Kickoff against the New Orleans Saints is at 1 pm EST from the Superdome in New Orleans, LA.

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