UCF Knights Football: What to Look for against the Temple Owls

This weekend UCF flys to Philadelphia to take on the Owls of Temple. This could have been a division-clinching game for UCF.

If Tulsa would have pulled the upset and beat USF then UCF would have had the opportunity to clinch a spot in the American Athletic Conference title game with a win over Temple.

But now they will have to wait for their Black Friday showdown against the Bulls of South Florida. But enough about that game lets talk this game. We can first discuss last years game in which UCF led 25-7. They would end up losing 26-25 on the night of my best friend Sam’s wedding (he’s a die-hard fan of the Knights). [ESPOAds]

One thing that UCF needs to do is not look beyond their next game. If they do they could struggle and lose the game against Temple. Now I know I said that the Black Friday matchup would decide the division. It still will. No matter what the Knights do against Temple, a win against USF and they will represent the East Division in the AAC title game.

But for UCF if they are to be taken seriously they will need to finish this season unbeaten. 2nd thing they will need to do is tackle and play defense better. As of right now, they are not playing the top defense they could. The 3rd and final thing, do not make mistakes, they will need to play mistake-free football.  If they follow all 3 of those things then heading into the Black Friday match against USF they will be undefeated playing for an attempt at a Conference Title. I know it left a poor taste in McKenzie Milton’s mouth when he lost to Temple last year.

If UCF can run the table and finish undefeated, then possibly just possibly they have an outside shot at the College Football Playoffs.



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