Riverdale: Sweet Dreams Sugar Man

Wednesday nights episode of Riverdale was by far the best one yet. There was a cliffhanger in last weeks episode.  We had before seen Archie have to tell Jughead that Betty wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Then watching Jug hook up with Toni. Additionally, Nick St. Claire attempted to date rape, Cheryl. He would also take advantage of Veronica. As in last week’s episode, it was revealed that Betty received another phone call from Black Hood.  This time he wanted another name and she gave him Nick St. Claire and where he was staying.


So open this episode and it starts with Jughead and Toni. They are in his house together after spending the night. Betty is now feeling guilty for giving the Black Hood Nick St. Claire’s name. She then runs over to the hotel to see if Nick is ok. At this point, the cops show up and tell Nick St. Claire he needs to come down to the police station. At the station, they discuss charges facing him about date raping Cheryl.

While this is going down Alice or as Hiram referred to her “Acid Queen Alice”. She is hosting a get together to figure out where the drugs came from. It turns out that Reggie admits to it and says he got it from a lowlife Southside dealer. Mayor McCoy then wages an all-out war against Southside. In the process, the cops arrest a bunch of Southsiders including Toni and Sweet-Pea.  This leads to Tall Boy wanting to combine with the Ghoulies to take on the North Side. Jughead does not like this idea one bit and goes to see his father.

Jughead and Archie come up with a plan to keep the Ghoulies from taking over Southside. While Betty gets another call from Black Hood and this time she wants to know who is Black Hood. This time he wants to know who is Sugar Man. He tells Betty to get that to him or there will be a price to pay. Cheryl basically shunned Betty when she asked if she knew who Sugar Man was. Nevertheless, behind the scenes, Cheryl was trying to figure out who it is. It’s at this point when Betty apologizes to Veronica. She also tells her why she has acted the way she has been.

They also set a plan in motion to get the Black Hood off their back. FP suggests a street race between the Serpents and Ghoulies. Archie then calls the police and gets the Ghoulies in hot water.  Cheryl gets her mother to feel guilt and confesses to her who the Sugar Man is. She then turns around and tells Betty. However, instead of Betty giving the name to the Black Hood, she directly tells Black Hood “you will have to read about it tomorrow in the newspaper.”

Betty has the best line of the night “I found out who killed Jason Blossom, I found out who the Sugar Man was, you’re next Black Hood.” The episode ends with the St. Claires being run off the road, the reunion of Bughead (Betty and Jughead), and what we are to assume is the Black Hood killing Sugar Man in his jail cell.

What does this tell us about Black Hood? This is interesting because he was able to get into the jail with a weapon and shoot Sugar Man. Can this mean that Sherriff Keller is the Black Hood? It sure does put him as a favorite of being Black Hood. When the episode begins, Sheriff Keller makes some cryptic comments by asking Veronica where she was.

If it is not Keller it is someone who is friendly with him or who knows the workings of how to get into the police station undetected. All we ended up getting was a more confusing picture of who the Black Hood really is. The one thing we call all rejoice about is it seems Bughead is back together. Now everyone can stop hating on Toni.




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