Trevor Siemian: From Savior to holding a clipboard

Trevor Siemian was once the starting QB for the Denver Broncos. Now he sits wondering if he will ever get a chance again. Vance Joseph benched Siemian two weeks ago and replaced him with Brock Osweiler. So was the downfall of one-time savior all his fault? Not exactly.

Trevor Siemian is a third-year pro out of Northwestern University. The Denver Broncos selected him in the 7th round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He only started 14 games in his college career. His senior season, 2014, was cut short by a torn ACL. Had it not been for this injury, some say Siemian may have gone higher in the draft.

He began his pro career as the third QB on the Broncos roster. In 2015 Peyton Manning was the man in Denver. So, Siemian had a grand opportunity to learn from one of the best to ever play the game. Siemian would climb the ladder due to an injury to the future Hall of Famer. Trevor Siemian would make his pro debut on December 20th against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He took a knee at the end of the first-half.

In 2016, Manning would retire before the beginning of the season. The Broncos would also lose Osweiler to the Houston Texans via free agency. That left Trevor Siemian as the most experienced QB on the roster.

The Broncos would do everything they could to replace him. They traded for Mark Sanchez from the Philadelphia Eagles. The Broncos also attempted to trade for Colin Kaepernick. Then the team drafted a QB in the first-round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Paxton Lynch. All in all, Siemian would overcome these obstacles and be named the starter for the Denver Broncos.

2016 had a successful beginning. Trevor Siemian was a winner in his first professional start. He set an NFL record by becoming the first QB to start for the defending Super Bowl Champions without having thrown an NFL Pass. The Broncos would have a successful season with Trevor Siemian under center. He would finish 8-6 as a starter. Missing two games with a shoulder injury.

On the season he would complete 60 percent of his passes for 3,401 yards, 18 TDs, and 10 INTs. I believe that had Siemian played the entire season, the Denver Broncos would have been a playoff team in 2016.

2017 saw a coaching change in Denver. Head Coach Gary Kubiak would retire for medical reasons. GM John Elway would hire Vance Joseph from the Miami Dolphins. Joseph immediately said there would be an open competition at QB. Again, Trevor Siemian would be the cream that rose to the top. Joseph would name him the starting QB once for 2017.

The first four games of this season started out just fine. In fact, the Broncos were 3-1. Siemian would have 888 yards passing in those four games. The Broncos and Trevor Siemian went on their bye week feeling pretty solid.

Then the downfall began. However, there is a common theme to both 2016 and 2017. The Broncos developed an inability to run the football. There were also injuries across the offensive line in both years.

You see, a young QB in the NFL needs a solid offensive line in front of him. He also needs a good running game to be his best friend. The Broncos had none of them in 2016 and it is starting to show again in 2017. So, I ask again, is the downfall of Trevor Siemian all his fault?

I do admit that he has made some dumb throws. Every QB does it in this game. It is part of growing up. Nonetheless, there are other aspects that need to be considered here.

Siemian is now relegated to holding the clipboard once again. Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post reports that Paxton Lynch took 2nd team reps this week in practice. The thinking here is the Lynch will be the number 2 and Siemian could be inactive.

Trevor Siemian has the qualities of becoming a solid NFL QB. Can you win with him? Yes! Although you must have the right pieces around him. Equally, I do not think he has the tangibles to make less talented players stars. I do think, however, surrounded by stars that he can be a star.

In conclusion, Siemian is not 100% responsible for his fall from grace. Consequently, there needs to be some blame placed on the organization and the coaching staff.

How do you feel about the Trevor Siemian path with the Denver Broncos? Has he been treated fairly? You can leave your comments below.

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