The Hyper-Coaster: A Coaster Enthusiast’s Top Five

I’ve done a number of hyper-coaster rides in the last year. Listing a favorite isn’t quite easy, but I’ve managed to make a top-five list. Some are universally loved, while many meet others with mixed reviews. In my opinion, all of these coasters are great, but some just stood out more than the rest.

1. Behemoth
In my opinion, Behemoth is a better coaster than Leviathan, the Canada’s Wonderland giga-coaster. What I remember most about Behemoth isn’t the airtime, but the helix finale. Seriously, one of the most intense feelings I’ve ever had on a coaster.

2. Phantoms Revenge
The Kennywood classic is unlike any coaster in the world. It’s the second drop that sends you down 200 feet, not the first. It’s a strange feeling but one that works quite well. Phantoms Revenge is one of the most underrated coasters in the USA. It deserves a lot more attention from the roller coaster community.

3. Diamondback
I didn’t ride Diamondback anywhere but the back row. I’m a sucker for airtime and this coaster delivers. You’ll be out of your seat more on this coaster than any other hyper. The splashdown is also a cool effect on Diamondback.

4. Magnum XL-200
The original hyper-coaster, Magnum has held up well all these years. Sure, it’s a bit rough, but the ride still gets me every time. The thing I like most is the dark tunnels you go through. You can’t see a damn thing, and some of the drops will get you by surprise.

5 . Skyrush

This Hershey Park coaster would be a lot higher if it weren’t for the lap bar. There is a lot of airtime on this coaster. Unlike, Diamondback, I wasn’t able to enjoy the out of your seat feeling because of the constant pain in my things. It really took away from my enjoyment of this coaster. Still, a ride I’ll never forget. And if you can take the pain, worth the admission.

A good Hyper-coaster will always be one of my favorite coasters at the theme/amusement parks. All of these aforementioned coasters are good rides. Some don’t ever talk about as classics (Phantoms Revenge), while others say they are overrated (Diamondback). One thing is for sure, these are all rides you’ll want to ride again and again.



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