Auburn Tigers: As of now, they should be a playoff team

It’s been a wild year in college football with ranked teams losing in upset fashion. A team that has flourished despite a mixture of challenges is the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn has played a difficult schedule in 2017, which includes victories over Georgia and a tough Mississippi State team. They only lost to Clemson by a score of 14-6 and the Tigers fell in Death Valley versus LSU 27-23.

Auburn played the toughest schedule out of any team in the top 15. Wisconsin hasn’t played anybody in 2017 except #20 Iowa last week. Alabama won a close game versus Mississippi State; Miami beat up Notre Dame and beat Va Tech by 18; Ohio State beat PSU by 1.

If these are the best wins/games teams in the top 15 can come up with then without question Auburn deserves to be a playoff program this year.

Both of the Tigers losses came on the road versus excellent football schools that are normally ranked. Iowa smacked OSU, PSU fell to Michigan State, Georgia lost to Auburn and beat Notre Dame by 1. The Bulldogs also took down the Mississippi State.

If any two-loss team should make it to the postseason, it is Auburn. They played tough games throughout the year. The went on the road, they beat the #1 Georgia Bulldogs and they are a force in any game they play. For college kids to win big games and make plays, they shouldn’t be kept out of the playoff.

Jarrett Stidham is great for TV. In fact, the former Baylor QB has racked up over 2,200 yards and 14 touchdowns. Similarly, Kerryon Johnson has over 1,000 yards rushing with 15 touchdowns and their defense is ranks 11th in allowing points per game.

The committee shouldn’t allow Wisconsin to skate by without playing ranked opponents. Sure they play Michigan, but they could have scheduled a game versus Clemson, Georgia or Florida State. Then I would acknowledge their undefeated mark a little more.

Just because a team has two losses doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified for the playoffs it just means we have to look a little harder at what programs do on a week-to-week basis. Hence, the Auburn Tigers are showing us that they belong with the big boys on the biggest of stages.


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