WWE: The Two Viable Options for the Smackdown Women’s Team

As we saw on Smackdown Live last night, Charlotte Flair has won the WWE Smackdown Women’s title by defeating Natalya. Charlotte happened to be one of the members of the Smackdown women’s team. Due to her winning the title, she will now be taking on the Raw Women’s titleholder, Alexa Bliss, at Survivor Series.

Now begs the question that is being asked by WWE fans. The question is who will end up joining the Smackdown Women’s team. While it seems that the WWE has a few options to go, there are only two practical ones. The first one is Natalya. She recently lost the title to Charlotte and Survivor Series is a big enough event to have her on. Also, she has had a major presence on Smackdown as a heel since she turned in 2016. While I don’t figure her as the likely option, the other one I suspect will be more than likely to happen.

There has been one person missing from the WWE for the better part of a year. The former NXT and Divas Champion, Paige, has not been seen on WWE TV since she was placed on the shelf with neck problems. There have been reports going around that she should be on TV soon. It was first reported that Paige would be returning to Smackdown last week when they were on the Europe tour. Then as those rumors fell through, the new rumors mentioned that she would be returning to RAW.

A returning Paige to the Smackdown Live team would be a huge benefit. For starters, it would be nice to see a return to a PPV that no one expects. While people expect the fifth member to be Paige, but it would be a nice feeling in the Houston crowd. Also, the addition that Paige brings to the Smackdown Live roster will help the women’s division greatly.

Survivor Series is this Sunday live on the WWE Network. Stay locked into WBLZ as we will get you guys ready for the WWE Thanksgiving special.



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