WWE: Johnny Gargano is the one to fix 205 Live

Johnny Gargano deserves a major push when he arrives on the main roster of the WWE. One of the most over wrestlers in NXT, JG is deserving of all the accolades he receives from fans and backstage personnel. It’s about time he gets the main roster call-up, and hopefully, add some spark to the 205 roster.

Johnny Wrestling, Gargano’s nickname, will be a major success for the WWE. Already an established indie wrestler, he’s on his way to becoming a champ in the company. Whether that be 205 Live, Smackdown, or RAW, Gargano needs to be heavily featured on a show. And while it’s not ideal, 205 Live might be his best option.

We’ve seen the type of matches Gargano can put on as a Cruiserweight. He’d bring not only a lot of fans to 205 Live but a dedicated wrestling style that isn’t found by most wrestlers today. In fact, I’d go on record to say he’d be the most talented of all the 205 Live Roster.

Could you imagine a scenario where Gargano becomes the Cruiserweight Champ? He’d instantly become the most relevant champ the show has had (outside of Neville). Fans might actually start to care again, especially the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community). Gargano might be the savior of the division.

Of course, Johnny Gargano isn’t on the main roster yet, and it’s possible he never sees 205 Live. Vince McMahon might decide he’s better off on Smackdown or RAW fighting for a mid-card title. That’s just not what’s best for Gargano. He deserves to headline, and 205 Live gives him that option. Although, if SD or RAW will be his home, he’ll need to be a major part of the plans.

It’s not smart to waste such a talent. Johnny Gargano could be a big draw for WWE. He’s the ideal champ for a 205 Live division that is in need of a real wrestler. We’ve seen what wrestlers such as Austin Aries can do, as the crowd was hot for him. It will be no different with Gargano, who has/had just as big of a following as Aries.

If Gargano is to arrive on 205 Live, that would instantly push the division to greater heights. He’s one of the best options for the show. And if WWE were smart, they’d realize this and give him a major push. Whether that be on SD, RAW, or 205 he’s one of the best things the company has going, and they better not screw it up.



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