USMNT: Youngbloods sneak a tie against Portugal

With so much turmoil and bad blood towards the USMNT, after the utter disappointment of not making the World Cup and losing to Trinidad and Tobago, it was nice to see the USMNT play a friendly match against Portugal. Except, it was not the typical friendly, nor the familiar faces we have grown accustomed too. So, the USSF decided to start searching for the next stars and future USMNT, as they approached Portugal. The lineup to face The Cristiano Ronaldo-less Portugal National Team is listed below:


The USMNT began preparing for this game a few days after their loss to Trinidad and Tobago and flew to Portugal to face off. The starting whistle blew, and immediately both teams looked to take advantage and treat the game as an actual match instead of a friendly. The future midfielder of the century, Weston McKennie, made a few moves in the box and slipped it right past the goalie to put the USMNT up 1-0 in the 21st Minute. The American Outlaws who traveled to Portugal to watch the game were ecstatic and cheered for the USMNT. That was until Portugal was able to answer back in the 31st Minute by a screaming goal from Vitorino Antunes. Right before the half the USMNT was unable to capitalize and went into the locker room tied 1-1.

The halftime whistle blew and the second half was underway. After a few substitutions and some goalkeeper changes, the match became more intense and more about attempting to find the open lane. The teams battled back and forth. Attempting shots on goals and making long stretches down the side. Yet neither side was able to capitalize and score another goal, resulting in a 1-1 tie. Additionally, the USMNT is looking to potentially set more matches against other teams who were unable to qualify for the World Cup. Consequently, this will improve their young squad and get them ready for 2022.


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